Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The new Sex and the City and sleeping with Kylie

This is the news that's been on my radar this week:

It's fashion, dahling! - Lipstick Jungle vs Cashmere Mafia1. This year Lipstick Jungle (based on a book by SATC writer Candace Bushell) and Cashmere Mafia will be hitting our screens. Hopefully one of these will fill the Carrie Bradshaw shaped gap on our telly screens. In the states, the shows are already going to head to head – find out more about both of them on E Online

2. I’m going to let my hubbie get into bed with Kylie. I’m not letting him have her for himself though – I’ll get in as well! It’s not some sordid fantasy of mine though as now everyone can get in bed with the pop princess thanks to her
launching a line of bed linen!

3. Why is the only popstar from Devon (my home county) barmy? If she’s not sporting hairdresser-aubergine hair or running around barefoot, it seems
Joss Stone is saying totally inappropriate things. This time she told an audience at the US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute that smoking was really ok for you – doh!

4. I’m not really one for the buzz of a new fashion line launch, however, I do think the new
Halston line is gorgeous. Yes, there’s a lot of grey but it’s simple glamour at it’s best. Now I just need to be able to get a job where I can afford to buy it!

5. A-list addictions are like buses – no-one goes into rehab for ages and then suddenly lots of Hollywood stars are lining up for treatment! Last week
Sean Young decided she need to curb her love of alcohol after getting bawdy at a do, this week Eva Mendes has entered rehab to be treated for her addiction to prescription drugs. Am I the only one who thinks most of them do it for the extra publicity?

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