Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Breakdancing Beckhams and Marc Jacobs bags!

The stories that are on my radar this week include…

Spice Girls concert - Cruz Beckham breakdances - It's fashion, dahling!1. Cruz Beckham’s breakdancing debut. Not only can this little fella really dance, but he also seems to adore the spotlight – bless.

2. Marc Jacobs has designed a new bag that is – shock, horror – nasty. I am big fan of his bags and in fact purchased one in New York last year, but this new bag on a bag is just foul. Expect to see lots of cheap and nasty imitations soon.

3. Lindsay Lohan recreates Marilyn Monroe’s famous last sitting photos. Oh my god, why did she even try? Marilyn is not only one of the sexiest actresses ever to walk in Hollywood, but she was actually also very talented. These pics just make me want to hurl – how dare she even try to measure up to Ms Monroe. Can you tell I’m a big Marilyn fan?!

4. One shoulder dresses are the way to go if Hollywood a-listers are anything to go by. I remember when this trend surfaced 5 years ago – I loved it then as you can flash some flesh without revealing too much.

5. Fancy buying something truly originally? Then check out this fabulous site All Things Original – you’ll make sure that your home or your clothes are truly unique.

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