Thursday, January 31, 2008

Must-buy item: It's a mod spring

I'm a die-hard mod girl. I used to live the mode lifestyle to the full - scooter rallies, parkas and bad mod boys - and even though I left that lifestyle behind a few years ago now, I still adore the mod look.

It may not be very fashionable but I adore this Fred Perry Gingham skirt (available from Urban Outfitters) ticks all the mod boxes - gingham, tight, makes you wiggle. As soon as my shopping ban is over, I'm buying this little lovely!

Footnote: Have just been informed by our fashion editor that I may not be as unfashionable as I previously thought - checks are big for the summer! Am I becoming a fashionista?

News Round-Up: Designer juicy tubes

This is what's going on the fashion and celebrity world this week dahlings!

It's fashion, dahling - fashion news - Kylie wow video

1. Stop the press! Kylie is in a looks really quite good shocker! I've mentioned before how bad Kylie is looking these days, but she's made me eat my words with her latest video for Wow. She looks fabulous - but you're not off the hook just yet Miss Minogue! I'm keeping an eye on you!

2. Christopher Kane (he of the fabulous leather skating skirt) has joined forces with Lancome to create uber cool Lancome juicy tubes. They look gorgeous but I bet like all of these limited edition products, it will be hard to track them down when they're released in March.

3. Is lesbianism becoming the latest fashion in Hollywood? Well if reports are to be believed Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert have been seen making out in a lesbian bar in LA. And we all know that despite looking like she's gone made in a Barbie factory, whatever Paris wears or does soon becomes trendy among young slacker types!

4. The supermodel is back! Stephanie Seymour - one of the original supermodels and star of the amazing November Rain Guns N Roses video - is on the cover of this month's Pop magazine. I think it's time for those skinny identikit models to move over and make way for the supermodels once more!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Behind the Scenes: The expense of fashion

Donatella Versace and Rupert Everett fashion shootI am frankly shocked by how much money the mag spends on fashion shoots. What's more, it appears to be the norm in this industry.

I have a minimal budget for my section (and when I say minimal, I mean hardly anything!) yet each month the mag sends an editor abroad for a shoot. I know they work hard while on the shoot and I know they need good fashion spreads to prove the mag is a fashion heavy-weight, but still it makes me sigh with frustration!

Somehow I’m meant to run my section on what it costs to fly two people to New York. So now as compensation I’m working on a way I can go on one of the shoots – it’s the least they can do really, isn't it?!

Kate Hudson does pockets

Kate Hudson - Celebrity Style - Featured in It's Fashion, Dahling!Continuing my theme of stylish Kates, my celeb style favourite this week is the gorgeous Kate Hudson.

I once spotted her and her then husband walking through Soho and I have to say she’s darn pretty in the flesh (and not as skinny as I thought she’d be).

She's chic and modern but without looking like a fashionista. I love this dress, partly because of the pockets. I have a few dresses with pockets and there’s something greatly comforting about being able to walk around with your hands in your pockets.
Kate also always chooses great colours to wear, which as a fellow blonde, I always make note of.

However, I am slightly distracted by the gentleman in the background of this pic – is that Matthew McConaughey

Friday, January 25, 2008

Guilty Pleasure Friday: Celebrity babies and pregnant celebrities!

These are the things occupying my small mind today...

Christian Bale - Celebrity BabiesOoo and ahhing over cute celebrity babies. I think Christian Bale’s may be the cutest – and coolest – babe of the bunch!

Feeling better about my post-Christmas tum by ogling pics of Halle Berry with a huge bump!

Deciding whether to indulge in a pair of celeb-must have wellies from Hunter. Is it sad to want a pair to walk the dog in?! And more importantly, what colour would I get?!

Drinking too many Starbucks Vanilla lattes. They are sugary but oh so good.

Drooling over pics of my new lust – Ryan Reynolds. I don’t know why I like him, but I do!

Must buy item: Romantic jewellery

I love you necklace - Valentine's Day gift ideaValentine's Day is creeping up on us once again but whether you're loved up or single, you can treat yourself to some romance with this gorgeous necklace from Marte Frisnes.

It's gorgeous, unique and a reasonably priced £85. Go on, treat yourself - you know you want to!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

News round up: Heath Ledger, seagulls and saving the planet

Here’s my little ole round-up of what’s happening on the internet

Heath Ledger dies1. Ok, it’s not fashion but it’s the big story of the day. Heath Ledger died yesterday at the very young age of 28.

It’s just like River Phoenix all over again – why do the talented ones pass away when you’ve got the awful Lindsay Lohans of this world getting away with it all? Sigh. Anyway, Page Six have definitely got the best updates. RIP Heath.

2. Want to save the planet and raise money for Cancer Research while still looking fashionable? Then you need to get your mitts on this lovely bag designed by Eley Kishimoto.

3. Why would anyone wear a belt like this?!

4. I detest birds but I LOVE this dress from Primarni

5. I just don’t know why Kate Moss is such a big style icon. The clothes she wears would look RIDICULOUS on a normal woman. However, I do rate this Kate’s style!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Behind the scenes: Who knew Westlife were so big?

WestlifeThe things you learn when you work on a fashion magazine - part 1.

Paisley is making a comeback apparently.

And most of Westlife are quite dinky with a 32 inch waist. One of them though has a 49 inch chest. Who knew those warblers had such muscles under their tailored suits?! Or perhaps they just over-indulged like the rest of us over Christmas.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Kylie needs to sack Will Baker

There are three things that clearly define me:

1) I’m very clumsy
2) Family and friends are very important to me

3) I’m am more than slightly obsessed with Kylie

Kylie at the G'Day LA: Australia Week galaSo it is with sadness in my heart that I pen this latest blog entry. Why? For the first time in my life, I’m not actually being nice about the diminutive princess of pop. The problem with Kylie is the difference between her off-stage and on-stage persona. Off duty, she rarely puts a fashion foot wrong.

A prime example of this is the gorgeous Grecian-style gown she wore to the G'Day LA: Australia Week gala this week. She looks like a proper pop star. She’s glamour personified but more importantly she looks her age.

Compare and contrast this if you will to these get-ups worn on The X Factor final and her dreadful TV show (oh god, now I can’t stop being nasty about her!). I won't beat around the bush - she looks like mutton dressed as lamb.

Kylie on The X FactorI know these are stage looks but her previous stage incarnations have been much more flattering – the showgirl outfit, the leopard skin Dolce and Gabbana catsuit for example.

For someone as photographed as La Minogue, it must be tough turning 40 as Kylie is this year. But is there any need to try quite so hard? What is the multi-pig tail and red eyebrow look about? Why did Will Baker think that lwas a good look? It’s all a bit embarrassing and smacks of desperation.

Will needs to move on and let Kylie dress herself – something she seems really good at doing. By all means, he’s probably a great gay husband, but he’s slightly lost the plot when it comes to styling the nation’s sweetheart.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Guilty Pleasure Friday

These are the things that I’ve been indulging this week. Beware, none of them are fashionable!

1. Keeping up-to-date with the Britney saga on TMZ

2. Bugging my husband to buy me the Johnny Depp Cry Baby t-shirt, sported recently by Amy Wino-house

3. Reading the unauthorised Anna Wintour biography

4. Taking my newly adopted Battersea dogs’ home pooch for a walk in the woods

5. Watching Madonna konking with my dearly departed cousin on You Tube
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Must-buy item: Ahoy there, sailor!

Rather than just ramble, I've decided to give this blog some more structure and it starts today with my must-have item.

This week, I've gone all nautical with this lovely spotty dress from TopShop. The sailor theme will be BIG this summer so get all ship-shape and snap up this perfect dress now. It's two trends for the price as one as this season, spots will be everywhere (and I mean the pretty dotty type and not an outbreak of acne). Team with white pumps for the day or add killer red heels at night for retro pin-up appeal. Guaranteed to pull any new man in port!

Friday, January 11, 2008

An unfashionable dog?

Paris HiltonToday is my last day in the office for a few days - hurrah! As well as going away to a swanky hotel for some quality time with the husband, I’m taking time off to welcome our new addition to the family. No, I’ve not jumped on the celebrity baby-wagon, but instead we’re getting a dog.

Of course, if I was truly fashionable I’d be getting a lap-dog – the kind that can be carried around, dressed up and not treated anything like the animal it is.
Instead I am, as ever, bucking the fashionable trend and saving a dog who needs a good home and who fits best into our lifestyle. What’s the point in having a dog if they’re not happy? Although I’m sure the welfare of their lapdog is the last thing on the mind of people like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson.

So on Monday, I’ll be going down to Battersea to pick up our new family member, Cali. She’s a retired racing greyhound, who is bordering on the slightly ugly side, but I love her even more for that. She has a beautiful personality – gentle, fun and loyal – and I care far more for that than her looks. After all, a dog is for life, not just for fashion.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Amy Winehouse’s crazy new look

Amy Winehouse blondeThere’s one thing you should never do when you’re going through emotional turmoil – get a new haircut. Poor Amy Winehouse didn’t heed that advice and now no longer resembles some kooky Sixties throwback. Instead, she bears more than a passing resemblance to the Hilda Ogden. What’s more, it’s succeeded in making her look even crazier than she was before.

My attention however was shortly taken away from the car crash of a hairstyle as I noticed Amy’s cool t-shirt. Not only does it feature Johnny Depp, but Johnny Depp from Cry Baby – one of my all time favourite movies. Immediately, I started searching the Internet and proceeded to find the exact t-shirt on I started filling in my details and suddenly that little annoying angel appeared on my shoulder and screamed defiantly in my ear WHAT ABOUT YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION?!
(see blog to find out what it is!)

Reluctantly, I managed to pull myself away from the site before entering my credit card details but it was darn difficult. It’s such a cool t-shirt and I’d get to have Johnny on my chest all day – a fantasy most normal girls wouldn’t shy away from.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Posh Spice or should it be Badly Dressed Spice?

Poor ole Victoria Beckham! She has topped Mr Blackwell’s annual worst dressed list. I actually feel kind of sorry for the pouty one. She tries so hard to be a fashionista but unfortunately for her, no amount of designer mates or Hermès handbags will win round the fashion mafia.

It seems you can only be truly cool in the fashion world if you look like you’ve crawled out of bed and just thrown on the first thing you found. That’s just not Victoria’s style and I say there’s nothing wrong with pouring yourself into skin-tight dressed and wearing skyscraper heels. At least she has her own style. It’s not to my taste but she puts in effort and that’s nice.

I struggle every day to try and fit in with these fashion types. Gone are the days when I can simply thrown on my jeans, Converse trainers and a nice top. Every day feels like I’m being thrown to the lions. Get it wrong and instead of being savaged, you’re ignored. Get it right and you may get a slight smile as they pass by you in the corridor.

My problem is, I hate looking messy and un-neat. I wish I had the insouciance of stars such as Alexa Cheung, Mary-Kate Olsen and Sienna Miller, but I don’t. So everyday I struggle to dress my outfit down a bit. And there are a couple of ways to do this:
  • Have messy, bed-head hair. A straight, neat bob just does not cut it.
  • Accessorise wisely. Put on a battered hat, a long pendant and mess up your dress with biker boots or trainers.
  • Make sure your clothes are slightly too big to give that ‘borrowed from the boyfriend’ feel
  • Mix and match prints. Stripes with florals, star prints with checks – anything goes in the world of messy fashion I think.
I’m still not quite there – I can do the messy hair but not while my mis-matching my prints – but I’m trying. Perhaps though the best way to deal with the added stress is to just embrace my own style but I’m sure what that actually is… perhaps finding my original style will be my new year’s resolution.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The dangers of designer clothing

It’s day 8 of my clothes ban and all is going well. In fact, last night a clothes parcel arrived, which I had ordered before my ban, so it felt like I still had my weekly clothes treat.

Anyway, I had decided before my ban I would indulge in a bit of designer clothing. I only own two designer items – an Antik Batik dress and Marc Jacobs bag – so I thought it was time to purchase something else.

I chose this gorgeous Manoush blouse. It had beautiful details such as velvet buttons, a velvet trim on the sleeves and the most gorgeous print – a kitten chasing a ball of wool. Plus, it was on sale so I purchased.

Last night, I got that familiar sugar rush when the parcel arrived. My Wardrobe package everything so well – it was wrapped in gorgeous tissue paper and felt VERY indulgent.
As I undid the buttons to try the blouse on, my hopes were high. I would own a gorgeous piece of designer clothing. I could see me swanning into work showing those fashion types that I was no Ugly Betty. But alas, it was only ever a pipe dream.

Why? Well it seems designer clothes fit very differently to high street offerings. It was a little big around the chest and waist but the arms were really tight. I managed to squeeze them in but then disaster struck and I couldn’t get out! Thank god hubby was around although he struggled and he’s no weakling. After a good minute of pulling and squeals of pain, I was free – phew.

Needless to say, I didn’t make the purchase and after lovingly stroking the shirt packed it up and sent it back. So that’s the end of my designer fascination. High street clothes may not be original but they’re also not instruments of torture.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Spice Up Your Life

I indulged my very unfashionable pleasure for camp pop music this weekend with a trip to the see the Spice Girls at the O2. Back in the day, I LOVED these girls. They came onto the scene just as I moved up to London so they remind me of when I shared a very tiny flat (and bedroom) with my best mate Posie.

When I first ventured into journalism, the Spices had split but I got to interview three of them as solo stars. Back then Victoria Beckham was big but brand Beckham hadn’t quite made it to the A-list. It makes me laugh to remember that day. When I first walked in, she balked ever so slightly. I think she had been interviewed by excitable men all day and she seemed to shrink at the sight of a fellow lady. Perhaps her insecurities showing through? Once she knew I was a believer in girl power, she came round and was really pleasant, funny and pretty. Despite this, I am still AMAZED at how loved she is. Whenever she sang any line last night, the crowd went crazy for her – even though singing really isn’t her best talent!

I really enjoyed the show though. It was a fun-filled romp, accessorised by plenty of sequins courtesy of Roberto Cavalli. And while we’re on that note… Am I the only person who cannot stand Cavalli? He makes clothes fit only for Euro Trash in my mind, however, his outfits kind of worked for the stage. All apart from Mel C. Poor Mel C – she really did draw the short straw dressed in her ‘sporty’ gear of trousers and spangly vest tops. I think Mr Cavalli must have run out of inspiration by the time it came round to her?

My pal and I left the gig on the high. This was due in part to spending a Sunday night worshipping at the altar of high campness, but also due to the allure of girl power. As naff as it might seem, I think we should bring back girl power. Too many of us ladies really don’t like each other. This world is hard enough without having the love of a sister, so just remember when you feel like bitching about a fellow broad, bite the tongue and give them a compliment instead. Zig-ah-zig-aaaaah!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Fooling the fashionistas

Ha, ha! Today I am rubbing my hands with glee as I type (I’m not literally doing that as obviously my typing would be all over the place). Today, I am wearing one of my sale purchases and one of the last items I will buy for four long months. Now, I knew it was a nice dress, but I wasn’t prepared for the coos I would get from the fashion folk. Nor was I prepared for the calls of ‘Is it Manoush? Or is it Paul and Joe?’ as I walked through the office. Of course, I’ve given the ladies my best Princess Diana smile (you know the one – gracious but you know how good you actually look smile) but have kept schtum about origins of my dress. Unfortunately, it’s not designer, but was a mere 15 squid and comes from Miss Selfridge. You see, fashion isn’t about what you wear but how you wear it baby!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year, New Wardobe?

Christmas and new year salesAt this time of year, my thoughts usually turn to my ever-expanding waistline and my new post-Christmas wardrobe. I say usually as even though I’m hitting the gym big time to shed those Quality Street induced pounds, I’m not buying anything new. What’s more, I’m not buying anything new until April!

I mentioned this a while back in an
earlier posting, but when I told my family and friends they all sniggered. No-one thinks I can do this but I’m out to prove I can. It may be my only New Year’s resolution but it will help improve lots of things in my life:

1. It will save me lots of time! Instead of shopping, I can go to the gym and get rid of that expanding waistline.

2. It will help save the planet. Ridiculous as it may sound, if everyone stopped shopping, the world would be a better place. We’d have less landfill (the result of impulse buying that £8 dress from Primark, wearing it once and chucking it out) and would cut down the carbon footprint (produced by the factories that make the clothes and the airplanes that transport them from China or wherever to England).

This latter point is the real reason behind my resolution. Well, that and the fact I already have a wardrobe bulging with clothes. So once, the shopping ban is over, I’m going to try my hardest to buy only ethical and environmentally-friendly clothes. I though this would be a struggle but I don’t think it will be.

Aside from vintage clothing, Urban Outfitters has a great section called Urban Renewal, which basically features clothes made from old clothes. Plus, I’ve unearthed a plethora of fabulous earth-friendly fashion sites such as Ciel, Adili, People Tree, Equa and the Ethical Superstore, which stocks all manner of fabulous products.

Ooo, it’s all so beautiful and sustainable and I can’t wait to go shopping! If only, I didn’t have another 4 months to wait – sigh.