Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Bad skin and bad attitudes!

The one thing I’m learning quickly about the fash pack is that they take fashion VERY seriously. Having worked in the celebrity/entertainment sector for so long, this is very odd. Obviously celeb journalists have a fascination with A-listers, but they also take the piss out of them and their job. Fashion peeps are very different and seem to think they are above this – their job is very important.

So it made me laugh out loud when the beauty editor (who I really don’t like) rushed into work today, even though she was meant to be on holiday. Why? Well she’s got a chance to be on the TV! Hilarious. They are soooo serious about their craft yet they aspire to be celebrities themselves.

Aside from this titbit, the other gossip I heard this week is that Jaime Winstone has very bad skin. This comes from one of the writers who saw her in Vivienne Westwood’s show. Quite frankly, this surprised me as I’ve actually partied with the wee Winstone and not only is she lovely, but she has glorious skin when I met her. Perhaps the toll of partying with Lily Allen and the London jet-set has taken its toll?

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