Friday, February 15, 2008

Guilty Pleasures: Unsuitable celebrity crushes

Today’s post is inspired by a confession from a fashionista I met the other day. She looks so cool – the kind of girl who would hang out with model-of-the-moment Agyness Deyn – so I was kind of surprised when she quietly admitted that she had fantasies of romping with… Tony Blair?! Eh?! I was gobsmacked. Apparently she felt he was powerful but with a cheeky glint in his eye. So this got me to thinking of who would make it into my top five unsuitable celebrity crushes…

Gary Barlow - Trevor Eve - William Petersen - Ed Norton - Christopher Plummer1. Gary Barlow – Ok so he’s all growed up now and looking very handsome in his M&S finery but I’ve fancied from the days when he was the dungaree-wearing chubster of Take That. Why? I admired his talent and his singing voice, found his lack of dancing skills adorable and thought it highly amusing that he spent his popstar not on fast cars but antiques. He’ll always be my number 1.

2. Trevor Eve – but only in Waking The Dead. There’s just something so powerful about this character that I can’t help having fantasies that involve handcuffs…

3. William Petersen – yet another TV copper (well I am married to a real-life policeman so it makes sense I suppose). I love CSI – the special zooming effects, the cheesy opening music, the storylines. But I particularly love Gil Grissom. Yes, he’s getting on but you just know he was movie-star handsome in his younger days. It’s the power thing once again!

4. Ed Norton – perhaps not so guilty a crush but the guy doesn’t have typical movie star god looks. I’ve met him and he’s very petite as well but very sincere. I love sincere men. And forget Brad Pitt in Fight Club (I think he looks like a monkey) – Norton is hot, hot, hot.

5. Christopher Plummer – I’m blaming my obsession with The Sound Of Music on this one. I think I watched it a hundred times one summer holiday. Oh Captain Von Trapp was so commanding and handsome and he blew that whistle good! I went to see the stage version the other week and it just wasn’t the same without Mr Plummer – sigh.

So who are your guilty crushes?!

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