Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Behind the scenes: The bitchiness of fashion

The beauty assistant is leaving this week and I really don’t blame her. Besides a salary that wouldn’t support a mouse– it’s so bad she still has a Saturday job, the poor love – she’s treated really badly. I’ve seen the beauty editor snap at her, turn her back on her and ignore her questions on purpose.

It takes me back to my days of work experience on Sugar magazine. It was fun but difficult as the editorial assistant and general saviour of the mag was ill for a week - I was thrown in at the deep end and had to run the entire office!
There was a young features writer called Jo working on the mag at the time and I thought we’d get on as we were similar ages. How wrong I was! Once I giggled in her presence and I was screamed at for ‘ruining her peace’. Never mind the radios and constant chatter in the office… What with that and the tuts and mutters from her whenever I did the slightest thing wrong, I chose not to stay at the mag when asked.

‘That bitch will get no-where’ I muttered on leaving the Sugar office for the last time. How wrong I was… Jo Elvin is now the editor of Glamour magazine.

It still gets my goat to this day. There is no harm in being civil to anyone in the workplace, regardless of his or her status. I just hope the beauty assistant goes onto bigger and better things.

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