Monday, March 31, 2008

Celebrity Style - Model Raquel Zimmerman is my new fashion crush!

Raquel Zimmerman on a Karl Lagerfeld shoot - It's fashion, dahling!OK, I usually steal well away from models in this bit of my blog as I don't think they're always that stylish. Some like Agyness Deyn obviously are - others just look like they've got out of bed. However, after seeing Raquel Zimmerman appearing in a photoshoot for Karl Lagerfeld, I've just had to include her.

I don't know whether it's her cool hair or her fun attitude but she just looks cooler-than-cool.

I googled her (see I know nothing about fashion so this is the first time I've heard of her) and she really is an example of how a haircut can change a model. With long hair, she was a bit... well... nothing.

So here's to shorter hair (obviously the fact I have a short bob with a fringe doesn't cloud my judgement here at all) and models who look like they're having fun!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Celebrity chauffeurs

Jason Orange is reunited with his dad - It's Fashion, Dahling!Apologies for not writing much this week - it's been kerazy at work. I had to jet off to Barcelona on Wednesday for a one hour meeting with Mango. Yes, you read that right - I went all that way for a one hour meeting. It was exhausting, especially the 2 hour drive back from Heathrow.

However, I was well and truly entertained by my driver. His name was Roy Snell and he's a bodyguard, an actor and an ex-fighter. He had so many good celebrity stories, which he'll probably be publishing in his autobiography this year.

He had so many good stories, it's hard to say which is the best but it was probably the tale about Roy dumping love-rat James Gooding into a wheelie bin (Kylie calls Roy bear). Roy also initiated the make-up conversation between Jason from Take That and his dad. Jason even name-checked him at The Brits. How cool is that?!

He's driven or bodyguarded nearly anyone you can mention - Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Madonna, Bros...
He was a lovely bloke though - really genuine - and he made those horrible 2 hours on the M25 much more enjoyable. He's making a film called 9mm with Bob Hoskins, Michael Caine and his best mate Ray Winstone in November - I hope he makes it big!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Celebrity Style - Victoria Beckham needs to relax!

Victoria Beckham and Kate Beckinsale do lunch in LA - It's fashion, dahling!What's wrong with this picture of new bezza friends Victoria Beckham and Kate Beckinsale?

Judging by Posh's super skin-tight get-up, you'd think the pair were off to some swanky LA do. However, it transpires they were heading off for a picnic instead. How did Posh sit down in that dress?

Kate Beckinsale has got the laid-back LA look down to a tee. She's cool and smart but without looking like a lady who lunches. Victoria however, always looks like she's dressed up to the nines. She couldn't even attend a baseball match last year without her trusty heels.

I'd love to see Posh in a really casual ensemble such as Kathrine Heigl wears so well. C'mon Posh - try to be Not So Posh for just one day.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

If you do one thing this weekend...

Dirty Sexy Money is on Channel 4 on Good Friday - It's Fashion, Dahling!...indulge in some glamour US-TV style with the first episode of Dirty Sexy Money on Friday night on Channel 4.

... eat lots of chocolate, especially any of these gorgeous looking eggs from Hotel Chocolat.

... get running! It will take an average size woman about 50 mins to burn of an Easter egg! Check out other ways to burn those calories off with this activity calculator.

... snap up some Giles Deacon. His new collection for New Look is out now and you can buy selected items on the New Look website.

... chill and relax. It's the only four day bank holiday of the year so enjoy!

I'll be back on Tuesday for more fashion fun.

Must-buy item: Gingham is go!

TopShop gingham jacket - It's fashion, dahling!Even though it's freezing cold outside, there's something about Easter that makes me think of Spring. I know it's come early this year but I still want to ditch the winter wardrobe and break open some new floaty, colourful clothes.

Of course you still have to be practical - it's no good swanning around in a gorgeous tea dress if it's zero degrees outside.

So that's where this gorgeous gingham jacket comes in. It's only £50 from good ole TopShop and is one of those pieces fashion magazines calls transitional - i.e. you can wear it now and in spring/summer.

How cute will this look with a pair of faded cropped jeans? Or slung over a cute floaty ruffle dress? I'm very much in love... roll on April so I can start buying!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is anyone bothered about Kate Moss?

Kate Moss new TopShop range - It's fashion, dahling!Floating around on my radar this week are the following news/gossip titbits:

1. Does anyone care about the new Kate Moss TopShop collection? According to the Daily Mail, it's a big fat no as hardly anyone showed up yesterday at the TopShop launch. To be fair, any following season isn't going to really be as big as the debut, especially as Mossy herself turned up for all of about 3 seconds in the window that time. Also, maybe the civilians are cottoning on to the fact that Kate just copies her favourite designer togs rather than creating something new and exciting.

2. All the papers are full of the details of the Mills-McCartney divorce today but hardly anyone has noticed how bad Heather's personal style is. It just goes to show you that not only does money not buy you love but it also doesn't buy you taste.

3. It's celebrity makeover day as Jessica Biel goes back to her natural brunette locks (thank goodness) and Gwyneth Paltrow has gone for the chop. As you'd expect from play-it-safe Gwyneth, it's hardly radical but it looks a lot better than the Donatella Versace style she had before!

4. Poor ole Sarah Jessica Parker. She was recently voted the unsexiest woman alive by some magazine. It must be difficult to deal with such nastiness, but let's not forget that Maxim is a magazine whose ideal of beauty involves pneumatic breasts and orange skin.

5. Banana Republic are coming to the UK. Their new shop launches tomorrow (20th March). I must be the only person who isn't excited about this. I found their shops in New York so uninspiring - for me it's just clothes for city workers, but perhaps this new shop will prove me wrong.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Behind the scenes: Top stylists and more fringes

So it's week two after having the snip and the fringe count has gone up by 2. I am obviously a trend starter - sigh.

In other news, we have a new celebrity stylist coming on board in the mag but it's all hush-hush so I can't write anything about it just yet. But I am VERY excited as I'm a big fan! Once they're onboard, I'll be dishing the dirt - ha ha!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Has Kylie dumped Will Baker at last?

Kylie and Will Baker part company - It's fashion, Dahling!I've written about the fact that Kylie's style has been going downhill but there may now be a chink of light in that grey cloud. The Daily Mail reports today that Kylie and Will are no longer as chummy as they once were and that he will be working with other celebrities and on other projects.

Thank the lord I say. Not only will Kylie hopefully rediscover her great sense of style, but she may also find a bloke now that her gay husband isn't always sniffing around her.

Celebrity Style - Going back in time with Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra wedding - It's fashion, dahling!I don't know whether it was because she married one of my all-time idols Frank Sinatra, who whether she was just inanely chic, but I've always loved Mia Farrow's style. I'm not talking her hippy bohemian style of today but her chic '60s look.

Take this wedding picture of her and Frank. She epitomises everything to me that says casual elegance. She looks hip without trying too hard. Elegant without looking old. Young without looking cheap.

Now with the horrifying news that Michael Bay is to remake Rosemary's Baby, I think now is a good time to start channeling Mia's chic style.

So, whether it's adopting her cool elfin crop and smock-dress wardrobe of the said film (she made maternity wear look so cool) or mooching about in her '20s floaty wadrobe and cute curls seen in The Great Gatsby, my recommendation is to make your spring/summer style Mia friendly for that cute and quirky look that will set you apart from the rest of the fashion bunch.

Friday, March 14, 2008

If you do one thing this weekend...

... watch the Dancing on Ice final on Sunday - it's the last time Holly will be getting her rack out for a while. .

... see woolly mammoths in
10,000 BC at the flicks

... buy a
floral playsuit

... play
Holy Moly's Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon on Facebook!

... eat a
Henry Holland easter egg - so fashionable!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Must buy item: Luella goes batty!

Luella Superhero t-shirt - Net-a-porter, It's fashion, dahling!If you want to buy a piece of affordable designer gear, you can't go wrong with this batty t-shirt from Brit designer de jour, Luella.

Not ony do all the coolest celebs wear Luella (Lily Allen, Kelly Osbourne and Scarlet Johansson have all been spotted in her creations), but superheroes are now in vogue thanks to a forthcoming exhbition at the Costume Institute at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.
What's more, it's only 55 squid.

Ok, it's quite a lot for a t-shirt, but fairly reasonable considering it's designer, dahling! Get ready to sing... dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner BATMAN!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Hills are alive at LA Fashion Week

Lauren Conrad - The Hills - Laguna Beach - it's fashion, dahling!On the news radar this week....

1. Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach/The Hills 'fame' showed her first catwalk collection at LA fashion week. The clothes aren't bad but would she ever have got such a chance if she hadn't become a reality TV star first?

Harvey and Javine show off their baby. I hate this couple. I love Alesha Dixon (probably cos my hubbie signed her band MisTeeq). Poor girl must hate seeing these two losers flaunting the spawn of their loins. And what kind of name is Angel?!

3. Britney Spears get a sexy new makeover. Wish I could get me one of these?!

MTV presenter Emma Griffiths shows off her fashion credentials. I saw her at a press event the other week and she looks gorgeous in the flesh. Not too skinny either.

5. Is it just me or is Madonna finally starting to look her age? She's kind of bordering between yummy mummy and hip but failing. I hate the hair - it looks like it wouldn't move in a hurricaine, which could be quite useful in this weather we're currently having!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Behind the scenes: Fringe benefits and diet competitions

Rachel Bilson gets a fringe - It's fashion, dahling!Just like every other celeb seems to be succumbing to the fringe - the latest of these being Rachel Bilson, so do all the fashion department. Every day, another girl comes in with a fringe. You may wonder why this annoys me so much... Well, I have a fringe and have had one for quite a while. You might say it's my look but now I look just like I'm on the fringe bandwagon - sigh.

On another gossipy note, I had an interesting conversation about the girls who work on one of our rival mags. Apparently all the fashion girls there are into competitive dieting. What the heck?! Why are women so silly?! For years, we've been trying to prove we're the better sex by working hard and proving we're as competent and as clever as our male counterparts. Surely competitive dieting just brings us back to square one and proves to men that we really are brainless bimbos.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Celebrity Style - Michelle Williams does Vogue

I've always had a soft spot for Michelle Williams, even in her Dawson's Creek days. In fact, I've had my hair cut like her several times (both DC and post-DC days) in an attempt to emulate her coolness. She's one of those rare stars who is indvidual, beautiful and real.

This month, she appears in the UK edition of Vogue and she looks absolutely stunning. I love this romantic look. As a fellow short hair wearer, she also always manages to make her hair look so different - I've got to get me some spangly hair accessories I think!

Obviously, she's been through a tragic time at the moment but she seems really level-headed (well, for a Hollywood star), so I'm sure she'll get through it and shine even more.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Guilty Pleasure Friday: Trannie pool parties and best in show!

These are some of the guilty pleasures I will be indulging in this weekend…

The Globe girls at Haymarket hotel - it's fashion, dahling!A trannie pool party at the Haymarket hotel

A DVD fest (as hubbie is working) consisting of Stomp The Yard, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days and Pretty In Pink

Buying doggie beer for my dog’s birthday next week (yes, I’m not joking this stuff is real)

Watching Crufts on Sunday night to see who is crowned Best in Show

Going to Primark and TopShop just to touch, see and inhale the clothes as I’m still on my shopping ban

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Must-buy item: Don't go breaking my Kiki

Kurt Geiger shoes - It's fashion dahlingHaving always been a fan of Elton John and Kiki's Dee uptempo duet, I was thrilled to find a shoe named after the Northern songstress! What's more, I think these gorgeous Kurt Geiger shoes would be the most versatile asset to your spring/summer wardrobe.

They're neutral but with a hint of colour (block colour is all the rage this season I'm told) and are high enough to be sexy but with a platform for ease of walking.

Ok, they're not the cheapest shoe around but I think the price per wear will justify splashing out.

I've only got one whole month before my spending ban is lifted so I'm just crossing fingers and toes, these little beauties stay around until then!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fancy owning a celebrity dress?

Here's this week's fashion and celebrity round-up

27 Dresses - Celebrity dress auction on ebay - It's fashion, dahling!1. I attended an interesting event yesterday, which is a tie-in with the movie 27 Dresses. The movie by the way is hilarious - even if you don't like chick flicks, I recommend you go - and actually yesterday's event was also hilarious, although I don't think that was the intention.

27 very generous celebrities have given their dresses to 20th Century Fox to be auctioned in aid of The Lavender Trust. Yesterday at the press event, they held a catwalk show of the dresses, hosted by Mica Paris and attended by glamour model Danielle Lloyd (who looked reassuringly normal-sized for a celeb). I've heard many a rumour about what a diva Mica is in real life and even though I didn't see a hint of that yesterday, she was pretty rubbish as the host - she basically read (and very badly) the information off the cards.

However, the dresses more than made up for her poor reading ability, although I was peturbed to realise I probably wouldn't get even my thigh in some of them.
Bidding has already started with Kylie's dress and carries on until the release of the movie on 27 March.

2. Don't follow
Madonna's extreme exercise regime unless you want to look like a monster from the deep...

Kate Hudson is definitely not pregnant - if she is, it's going to be the size of a bean.

4. Why do pretty celebrities insist on having grotesque pouts? The latest to succumb to the
trout pout is the once gorgeous model Saffron Burrows.

5. Just because you've got a lot of money doesn't mean you'll look individual on the red carpet as these
three A-listers recently discovered!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Behind the scenes: Editors live the high life!

The Arctic Monkeys at the NME Awards - It's fashion, dahling!I don't have a lot of exciting behind the scenes goss to report this week. However, I have realised that being the editor of a magazine is a VERY good thing. In the last few weeks, my editor has been invited to number 11 to meet Alastair Darling, been on one of the best tables at the BRITS and more recently got to go to the NME awards.

If you go to any editor's office, you'll see plenty of pics of them with their arms around celebrities (one of the best I've seen is an editor with Eamon Holmes - it's pure cheese!). It makes me wonder how much work they really do. That's not fair I suppose as they do work, but it's just seems a lot more fun than us average joes. They boss everyone around, get free clothes and get glitzy invites.

Saying that, I am off to Sketch this afternoon for a launch but I'm beginning to think if I've been invited there, it can't be that cool a place anymore - ha ha!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Paris Hilton proves money can't buy taste - or spirital saviour!

I don’t normally like to have a got at how celebrities dress, after all, we’ve all made the odd fashion faux pas. However, I just can’t stop myself with Paris Hilton. Does this heiress ever actually look in the mirror? Just because you’re rich and can afford everything in the shop, doesn’t mean you have to wear it in all one go.

Coco Chanel one advised every well-dressed woman to remove one item before leaving the house. In Paris’ case, she’d have to remove several items!

Take this latest get-up – what’s with the fishnets and bad 80s shoes? Do they really go with that viriginal, summery smock? And let’s not even talk about the hairband and all those necklaces – sigh. But the worst bit about this outfit is surely the Buddhist monk she’s hanging out with! As far as accessories go Paris, this one is just one step too far.