Monday, February 11, 2008

BAFTA 2008: fashion hits and misses!

It's Monday so it's time for a bit of a celebrity style blog and what better time than to discuss the BAFTAs, which took place last night. It's the first proper big film awards to take place and the stars didn't disappoint, wearing a plethora of beautiful frocks. However, as always in these cases, there are style losers and winners.

Sienna Miller - Red Carpet Fashion - BAFTAS 2008Let's talk winners to begin with. Sienna Miller may not have won any awards for her acting, but surely she wins best dressed of the night.

Shunning her usual 'just got dressed in the dark' look, she looked amazing in this backless Dior frock and a million quids worth of jewellery.

Another British beauty was Thandie Newton, one of my style icons.Thandie Newton - Red Carpet Fashion - BAFTAS 2008 She always manages to combine sexy elegance with quirky Britishness and pulls of this Alexander McQueen dress in her own style.

Other notable mentions go to my current fashion crush Marion Cottilard who looked fabulous in her unusual get-up and Naomie Harris (who I've seen close up and is very skinny but with gorgeous skin) who bought some colour to the carpet in this gorgeous turquoise number.

Onto the losers. There weren't that many really. OK Julie Christie's shiny animal print trousers were a bit yuck, but she still managed to make them look sexy and she's twice the age of most of these starlets.

Jessica Biel - Red Carpet Fashion - BAFTAS 2008On the other hand, the usually gorgeous Jessica Biel looked washed out and thoroughly dull in this get-up. I think it's true to say that not blondes don't always have fun - the sooner she gets back to being a brunette, the better.

And finally, onto Keira Knightley. I suppose her frock looks OK, although it does just emphasise her skinniness.
Keira Knightley - Red Carpet Fashion - BAFTAS 2008
What really riled me about Ms Pout-A-Lot is that she didn't smile once - all the photos I've seen of her today make her look like a spoilt brat who's been forced out for a special family occasion. I know she hates the fame aspect of acting, but she really should appreciate what she's got - sigh!

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