Friday, February 29, 2008

A new haircut and is Katie Holmes pregnant again?

These are the small things that have been occupying my small mind this week!

Is Katie Holmes pregnant again? - It's fashion, dahling!The gossip about Katie Holmes being pregnant for the second time. I feel sorry for the poor girl - not only has she had to endure sex with Tom Cruise once more, but the tabloids keep going on about her piling on the weight when to me she looks like a pile of bones. Thank god I'm not a celebrity. I've also been reading about how her first pregnancy was fake - genius!

I'm getting my hair cut next week. I had really, really short hair this time last year so have been growing it slightly. However, slightly worried I am looking a bit dishevelled so think it's time to have a proper hair-style before I start looking like Kylie-doing-a-Helen-Daniels-from-Neighbours look! I'm really loving Natalie Imbruglia's hair at the moment - will it turn me into an Aussie sex kitten I wonder?!

It's games night on Saturday night! My friend K and her boyfriend M are coming over to mine and the hubby's for a games marathon! We've got everything from Guess Who to SingStar, but who will take home the coveted trophy I wonder. Can anyone else recommend any other great board games to play?

I've been feeling poorly all week and had to miss out on some fun nights including last nights' NME awards, so it was with great pleasure I saw these photos of Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne very drunk. They not only look like I feel at the moment, but it also goes to show that no-one can look gorgeous all of the time.

See you next week!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Must-buy item: Lovely lemon!

This is THE dress that I want for the wedding I'm going to in August. It's got a very Marilyn Monroe feel to it. It's from Miss Selfridge and costs a bargain £45.00.

I'm planning on adding red shoes and a red handbag to create the perfect Wisteria Lane Desperate Housewives look. So Bree!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is Kate Hudson pregnant?

Here's the news on my radar this week...

Kate Hudson pregnant - it's fashion, dahling1. Kate Hudson has started wearing baggier clothes while off duty. Nothing strange there you might think, it's certainly what I do on a weekend. For poor Kate though, it's sent the rumour mills into overdrive - is she pregnant? Or perhaps she likes to feel comfortable when not squeezing into red carpet frocks?!

2. Speaking of pregnant celebrities,
Nicole Kidman was spotted drinking wine at the Oscars. Shock, horror indeed. I had one friend, who has had 3 healthy babies, who had a glass of wine a night.

3. Last night I felt a tremor in my bedroom but it was nothing to do with my lovely husband - ha ha! I was one of the few peeps to feel the recent UK earthquake. I was actually alerted to it by my poor dog whimpering - if that hadn't happened, I would probaby have slept through it all!

4. Get the Oscars look by plumping up your lashes. Full eyelashes was a popular beauty look with A-listers such as Heidi Klum and Anne Hathaway. For once an easy to copy red carpet look - hurrah! My favourite mascara is Urban Decay's Big Fatty mascara, which plumps up my blonde weedy eyelashes to Twiggy proportions!

5. And finally... summer is well and truly on the way. Well it must be if TopShop have got their first delivery of Havaiana flip flops in. I live in these during the summer. Bring on the sunshine!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Beauty sale alert!

Today I experienced my second beauty sale. For the uninitiated out there, a beauty sale is when the beauty department sell off all their samples and freebies to the rest of the staff. Items cost from 50p to £5.00 but generally it's a great place to get a bargain.

I experienced my first one last year and to say I was shell-shocked was an understatement. Imagine a jumble sale full of eager grannies desperate to get their hands on some second hand tat. Add in the energy of youth and a few very bony elbows and you get the idea. It was every woman for themself. Armed with huge bags, everyone pushed and shoved until they got what they want. I managed to get a few prime bargains but wasn't overly impressed.

My friend C works on another magazine and she often gives me bags full of freebies - stuff like Dior, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Estee Lauder. The list goes on. Here however, the goodies up for grabs are more likely to be found on the shelf of Superdrug and looking at the state of some of them, right at the back of the dusty shelf as well. So where is all the good stuff going? All I'm going to say is that the beauty editor, who doesn't get paid that much, is always turning up in new clothes, including a few nice designer items...

Who was best dressed at The Oscars?

Excuse me for not posting yesterday, but I was off ill. Thankfully a helping of Murder She Wrote has helped me back to work (lil ole Jessica Fletcher is actually quite a style icon...). So the annual red carpet-fest of the Oscars is over.

Yesterday This Morning
tried to recreate some of the dresses but it just looked like they'd put bits of fabric over evening dress... which is exactly what they did. Anyway, here's my selection of the good, the bad and the downright ugly.


1. Marion Cotillard - she's my current fashion crush and for good reason. She's individual without being ugly (take note Tilda Swinton). In this beautiful dress she looks like a mermaid who's come ashore for the day - beautiful.

2. Helen Mirren - I just pray that I look half as good as Dame Mirren when I'm her age. She dresses age appropriately but without being a frump, plus she's not scared of wearing bright colours.

3. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis - they have to win the cutest couple award. Quirky without being too OTT, these two just look gorgeously retro. Sigh!


1. Tilda Swinton - When she's not shocking middle England with her interesting love life, she's shocking everyone with her clothing! Nearly every magazine has criticised poor Tilda for her choice here. While I wouldn't have minded seeing her wear a little bit of slap, her dress isn't that bad. Yes, it's a bit shapeless, but Tilda would look downright odd if she wore anything too normal.

2. Renée Zellweger - the dress wasn't bad but what is that hairstyle all about?!


1. Julie Christie - I really want to like what Julie wears. She's still so attractive and has a great figure, but for some reason she thought she would go out wearing a red lampshade. Teaming it with those pink elbow length gloves makes me wander if she got dressed in the dark.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Long-haired celebrity children and Essex night outs

These are the guilty pleasures I'll be indulging in this week:

Celebrity babies - Kate and Ryder Hudson - It's fashion, dahling!1. Ogling cute celebrity babies! My favourite just has to be Ryder Hudson - if I ever have a little boy, he's having long hair! Other faves include Seal and Hedi's kids, Gwen Stefani's Kingston (just voted most stylish baby on the planet) and the gorgeously blonde Shiloh Pitt-Jolie. She's going to be GORGEOUS when she's older.

2. Dancing away my cares to Mark Ronson. I'm off to see the hip producer tonight. Am excitedly trying to work out who will appear on stage with him! Last time he played in London, Tim Burgess did a guest spot. Would love that to happen tonight. I would however wee myself if Robbie turned up but since he's become Brian Blessed's look-a-likie, I doubt this will happen.

3. Binge drinking in Essex! I hate the rise of binge drinking and normally I'm a wine with my meal kind of lady but this week has been the LONGEST week ever so I'm going to let my hair down on Saturday night in my best pal Pip's hometown. Watch out Leigh-on-Sea!

4. Working out what to buy this spring. My ban will be over in April (not that far away now) so I'm busy putting together a wish-list for spring. So far, these gorgeous Kurt Geiger sandals and this poppy skirt from TopShop are topping the list.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Must-buy item: The Pippa jean

Pippa Jeans - TopShop - It's fashion, dahling!I love these TopShop jeans way much. It's not only because they are named after my best friend, but they also feel fabulous on. Yes, they may not look much in the photo, but the denim is soft, stretchy and very forgiving. In fact, I've had to go down a size in these - wooo!

They also come just to the ankle, which is very spring/summer. I'm going to team them with a cute gingham top and French Sole ballet slippers for that 50s startlet off-duty look!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Breakdancing Beckhams and Marc Jacobs bags!

The stories that are on my radar this week include…

Spice Girls concert - Cruz Beckham breakdances - It's fashion, dahling!1. Cruz Beckham’s breakdancing debut. Not only can this little fella really dance, but he also seems to adore the spotlight – bless.

2. Marc Jacobs has designed a new bag that is – shock, horror – nasty. I am big fan of his bags and in fact purchased one in New York last year, but this new bag on a bag is just foul. Expect to see lots of cheap and nasty imitations soon.

3. Lindsay Lohan recreates Marilyn Monroe’s famous last sitting photos. Oh my god, why did she even try? Marilyn is not only one of the sexiest actresses ever to walk in Hollywood, but she was actually also very talented. These pics just make me want to hurl – how dare she even try to measure up to Ms Monroe. Can you tell I’m a big Marilyn fan?!

4. One shoulder dresses are the way to go if Hollywood a-listers are anything to go by. I remember when this trend surfaced 5 years ago – I loved it then as you can flash some flesh without revealing too much.

5. Fancy buying something truly originally? Then check out this fabulous site All Things Original – you’ll make sure that your home or your clothes are truly unique.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Bad skin and bad attitudes!

The one thing I’m learning quickly about the fash pack is that they take fashion VERY seriously. Having worked in the celebrity/entertainment sector for so long, this is very odd. Obviously celeb journalists have a fascination with A-listers, but they also take the piss out of them and their job. Fashion peeps are very different and seem to think they are above this – their job is very important.

So it made me laugh out loud when the beauty editor (who I really don’t like) rushed into work today, even though she was meant to be on holiday. Why? Well she’s got a chance to be on the TV! Hilarious. They are soooo serious about their craft yet they aspire to be celebrities themselves.

Aside from this titbit, the other gossip I heard this week is that Jaime Winstone has very bad skin. This comes from one of the writers who saw her in Vivienne Westwood’s show. Quite frankly, this surprised me as I’ve actually partied with the wee Winstone and not only is she lovely, but she has glorious skin when I met her. Perhaps the toll of partying with Lily Allen and the London jet-set has taken its toll?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sexy Scarlett Johansson flaunts her curves!

Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman kiss at The Other Boleyn Girl film premiereWhen it comes to Hollywood starlets, I like mine on the Marilyn Monroe side of things i.e. curvy, sexy and confident. When Scarlett Johansson burst onto the scene, I was soooo excited - and I still am. For me, she embodies what a film star should be about - glamour, beauty and brains.

She looked fabulous at the premiere for The Other Boleyn Girl in a purple plunge front dress. Scarlett is one woman who not only knows how to dress well for her shape, but also embraces it. I love the fact she flaunts her curves.

Somehow she even manages to make Natalie Portman look quite ordinary in this pic - and having interviewed Ms Portman, I can tell you she is equisitively beautiful, so that's no mean feat.

If there were more role models like Scarlett and Charlize Theron around and less like the extremely angular Victoria Beckham, we'd have a nation far less obsessed with getting into the mytical size 0.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Guilty Pleasures: Unsuitable celebrity crushes

Today’s post is inspired by a confession from a fashionista I met the other day. She looks so cool – the kind of girl who would hang out with model-of-the-moment Agyness Deyn – so I was kind of surprised when she quietly admitted that she had fantasies of romping with… Tony Blair?! Eh?! I was gobsmacked. Apparently she felt he was powerful but with a cheeky glint in his eye. So this got me to thinking of who would make it into my top five unsuitable celebrity crushes…

Gary Barlow - Trevor Eve - William Petersen - Ed Norton - Christopher Plummer1. Gary Barlow – Ok so he’s all growed up now and looking very handsome in his M&S finery but I’ve fancied from the days when he was the dungaree-wearing chubster of Take That. Why? I admired his talent and his singing voice, found his lack of dancing skills adorable and thought it highly amusing that he spent his popstar not on fast cars but antiques. He’ll always be my number 1.

2. Trevor Eve – but only in Waking The Dead. There’s just something so powerful about this character that I can’t help having fantasies that involve handcuffs…

3. William Petersen – yet another TV copper (well I am married to a real-life policeman so it makes sense I suppose). I love CSI – the special zooming effects, the cheesy opening music, the storylines. But I particularly love Gil Grissom. Yes, he’s getting on but you just know he was movie-star handsome in his younger days. It’s the power thing once again!

4. Ed Norton – perhaps not so guilty a crush but the guy doesn’t have typical movie star god looks. I’ve met him and he’s very petite as well but very sincere. I love sincere men. And forget Brad Pitt in Fight Club (I think he looks like a monkey) – Norton is hot, hot, hot.

5. Christopher Plummer – I’m blaming my obsession with The Sound Of Music on this one. I think I watched it a hundred times one summer holiday. Oh Captain Von Trapp was so commanding and handsome and he blew that whistle good! I went to see the stage version the other week and it just wasn’t the same without Mr Plummer – sigh.

So who are your guilty crushes?!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Must buy item: Lilly Cole for Marks and Spencer

My resolution to not buy any new clothes for four months is going very well. I've found I've actually not missed shopping at all and am enjoying being creative with the wardrobe I already have. However, I nearly broke my resolve when I saw this gorgeous creation on Lily Cole. Thinking it must be designer, I was absolutely gobsmacked when I realised it was dear ole M&S.

This is my idea of a perfect dress - pretty, practical and with a slight retro feel. It's just one of those items of clothes that makes my heart beat just slightly faster. Will I be able to resist the temptation? Here's hoping!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Elle Style Awards and the naughty Hilton family!

Here's a quick guide to what's on my news radar this week!

James McAvoy - Best Actor - Elle Style Awards1. It was the Elle Style Awards last night. This is always guaranteed to be an A-list event and this year didn't disappoint. Kylie looked amazing (maybe she's read my blog and got rid of Will Baker?!); Keira Knightley looked miserable once more; my style crush Kate Hudson looked a-m-aaazing and Lily Allen looked a bit like Hilda Ogden. I don't even know who won what - apart from the petite but gorgeous James McAvoy - but who cares when there are so many nice frocks on show?!

2. It's another day and another Hilton has been arrested for drink driving - this time the ridiculously named Barron. Are these children just so mega spoilt they don't understand reality? Or are they just really stupid? It just shows you that money can't buy you everything.

3. Valentine's Day is tomorrow - have you sent your card? Victoria Beckham was spotted buying one for David in NYC. I really don't like Posh but I think it's great that they are still together - it's the on positive message she gives young fans. Oh and if you scroll down the above link, you'll see the cutest pic of Cruz!

4. Vivienne Westwood is urging fellow Brit designers to show in the UK. Here, here to that. It's not very cool to be patriotic at the moment but unless we give the younger generation something to believe in - even if it is only fashion and music - this country will never be great again.

5. The Hollywood writers are ending their strike so it's all go for the Oscars. Hurrah! These red carpet events bring some glamour into what is usually a depressing month. It also gives me a chance to gen up on my film knowledge, which is badly needed at the moment. Can't believe I've only been out of that industry for 6 months and I've forgotten stuff. My team only came 7th last night in a local film quiz - shocking!

Peaches Geldof will never be like Paula

Dancing on Ice - AggieEveryone's gone London Fashion Week mad in the office and I had my first taster with a trip down to the exhibition. Images of glamour and mad fashionistas filled my head but the reality was I managed to almost physically bump into How Clean Is Your House? Aggie while she was filming a segment for some show.

I think it's a sad state of affairs that some TV show (what's the betting it's This Morning?) is using Aggie as a fashion commentator. Have you seen her hair? She looks like Rod Stewart. Sigh!

Paula Yates and Peaches GeldofPeaches Geldof is doing the rounds as well (and apparently she's also losing her hair!). Although I didn't see her in the flesh, I was told by one of our fashion writers that she is abnormally skinny and her head is very big. I had such high hopes for Peaches. Paula Yates was always an icon for me - cool and clever. Peaches however seems to be a real media whore - desperate for the attention.

I've also discovered she wants to be paid for EVERYTHING she does, regardless of what it is. Paula never struck me as money-grabbing - it seems a shame her work ethics didn't rub off on Peaches. Here's hoping
Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence will be more like her mum because it looks like Pixie is going down the same route as Peaches - sigh.

Monday, February 11, 2008

BAFTA 2008: fashion hits and misses!

It's Monday so it's time for a bit of a celebrity style blog and what better time than to discuss the BAFTAs, which took place last night. It's the first proper big film awards to take place and the stars didn't disappoint, wearing a plethora of beautiful frocks. However, as always in these cases, there are style losers and winners.

Sienna Miller - Red Carpet Fashion - BAFTAS 2008Let's talk winners to begin with. Sienna Miller may not have won any awards for her acting, but surely she wins best dressed of the night.

Shunning her usual 'just got dressed in the dark' look, she looked amazing in this backless Dior frock and a million quids worth of jewellery.

Another British beauty was Thandie Newton, one of my style icons.Thandie Newton - Red Carpet Fashion - BAFTAS 2008 She always manages to combine sexy elegance with quirky Britishness and pulls of this Alexander McQueen dress in her own style.

Other notable mentions go to my current fashion crush Marion Cottilard who looked fabulous in her unusual get-up and Naomie Harris (who I've seen close up and is very skinny but with gorgeous skin) who bought some colour to the carpet in this gorgeous turquoise number.

Onto the losers. There weren't that many really. OK Julie Christie's shiny animal print trousers were a bit yuck, but she still managed to make them look sexy and she's twice the age of most of these starlets.

Jessica Biel - Red Carpet Fashion - BAFTAS 2008On the other hand, the usually gorgeous Jessica Biel looked washed out and thoroughly dull in this get-up. I think it's true to say that not blondes don't always have fun - the sooner she gets back to being a brunette, the better.

And finally, onto Keira Knightley. I suppose her frock looks OK, although it does just emphasise her skinniness.
Keira Knightley - Red Carpet Fashion - BAFTAS 2008
What really riled me about Ms Pout-A-Lot is that she didn't smile once - all the photos I've seen of her today make her look like a spoilt brat who's been forced out for a special family occasion. I know she hates the fame aspect of acting, but she really should appreciate what she's got - sigh!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Pamper weekends and Holly Willougby's cleavage!

Holly Willougby shows off too much cleavage on Dancing On IceHere are the guilty pleasures I’ll be indulging in this weekend!

1. Enjoying the camp-fest that is Dancing On Ice. What better way to leave behind the weekend! The ice-skating shenanigans help ease me back into the working week. Plus, I love seeing how much cleavage Holly will have on show!

2. Watching a few rom-coms back to back, starting with How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days as I love the way Kate Hudson looks in that, especially in that yellow dress. These are the benefits of having a husband who works shifts!

3. Seeing which other celebrities have entered rehab. Latest news is that Kirsten Dunst has checked herself in, although E! Online has reports that say the opposite.

4. Taking the dog on a couple of long walks and then checking just
how many calories I've burnt!

5. Having a pamper day with facemasks, mini-manicure and a hair treatment. My favourite mask is this little beauty – the SK II treatment mask, however they’re very expensive so only use them when I get a freebie. They also make you look like Hannibal Lecter! I’m currently using – and loving – the Bliss triple oxgyen mask. It’s effective and works in only 5 mins!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Must-buy item: Romance is in the air!

I just love this blouse from ASOS. Normally I'm not keen on their stuff. I've ordered things from their site in the past and it's all a bit cheap, but this peachy-coloured blouse looks lovely.

Fashion peeps would tell you this is a good buy as it taps into the romantic trend, which is going to be big for spring/summer.

Buy it now and you can team it with jeans and a black blazer to toughen it up. Come the warmer weather, mix it with other pastel colours to create a truly beautiful look. You get twice as much wear out of it so it really is a bargain. Just a shame I'm not buying anything until April!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The new Sex and the City and sleeping with Kylie

This is the news that's been on my radar this week:

It's fashion, dahling! - Lipstick Jungle vs Cashmere Mafia1. This year Lipstick Jungle (based on a book by SATC writer Candace Bushell) and Cashmere Mafia will be hitting our screens. Hopefully one of these will fill the Carrie Bradshaw shaped gap on our telly screens. In the states, the shows are already going to head to head – find out more about both of them on E Online

2. I’m going to let my hubbie get into bed with Kylie. I’m not letting him have her for himself though – I’ll get in as well! It’s not some sordid fantasy of mine though as now everyone can get in bed with the pop princess thanks to her
launching a line of bed linen!

3. Why is the only popstar from Devon (my home county) barmy? If she’s not sporting hairdresser-aubergine hair or running around barefoot, it seems
Joss Stone is saying totally inappropriate things. This time she told an audience at the US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute that smoking was really ok for you – doh!

4. I’m not really one for the buzz of a new fashion line launch, however, I do think the new
Halston line is gorgeous. Yes, there’s a lot of grey but it’s simple glamour at it’s best. Now I just need to be able to get a job where I can afford to buy it!

5. A-list addictions are like buses – no-one goes into rehab for ages and then suddenly lots of Hollywood stars are lining up for treatment! Last week
Sean Young decided she need to curb her love of alcohol after getting bawdy at a do, this week Eva Mendes has entered rehab to be treated for her addiction to prescription drugs. Am I the only one who thinks most of them do it for the extra publicity?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Behind the scenes: The bitchiness of fashion

The beauty assistant is leaving this week and I really don’t blame her. Besides a salary that wouldn’t support a mouse– it’s so bad she still has a Saturday job, the poor love – she’s treated really badly. I’ve seen the beauty editor snap at her, turn her back on her and ignore her questions on purpose.

It takes me back to my days of work experience on Sugar magazine. It was fun but difficult as the editorial assistant and general saviour of the mag was ill for a week - I was thrown in at the deep end and had to run the entire office!
There was a young features writer called Jo working on the mag at the time and I thought we’d get on as we were similar ages. How wrong I was! Once I giggled in her presence and I was screamed at for ‘ruining her peace’. Never mind the radios and constant chatter in the office… What with that and the tuts and mutters from her whenever I did the slightest thing wrong, I chose not to stay at the mag when asked.

‘That bitch will get no-where’ I muttered on leaving the Sugar office for the last time. How wrong I was… Jo Elvin is now the editor of Glamour magazine.

It still gets my goat to this day. There is no harm in being civil to anyone in the workplace, regardless of his or her status. I just hope the beauty assistant goes onto bigger and better things.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Oh, la la - it's Marion Cotillard

Celebrity style - Marion CotillardThis fashion lot who I work with are squawking furiously about their new style icon, Marion Cotillard. T

he Parisian actress has recently appeared on their best dressed pages and for once I don't disagree with their choice. What's more, I spotted the potential in this beautiful brunette last year when she played the legendary Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose. Since then, her red carpet look has just improved and improved.

I love this outfit - mixing nude colours with red isn't something I would've thought of but am now desperate for my clothes boycott to be over so I can try it!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Guilty Pleasures: Mad Britney and detective docs

It's fashion, dahling - Britney Spears is madThe things I’ve been enjoying this week…

1. The continuing Britney saga. She’s as mad as a hatter and now finally someone else has realised that!

2. Diagnosis Murder – it’s the only reason to be sick! I just wish Dick Van Dyke still had his Mary Poppins cockney accent.

3.Eating three different kinds of chocolate in a row – another good reason to be off ill.

4. Voting on celebrity fashion faux pas on – it’s seriously addicted

5. Selling stuff on eBay. It’s even more addictive than buying stuff – can’t believe someone shelled out £50 for my nasty Tinkerbell necklace!!