Friday, February 29, 2008

A new haircut and is Katie Holmes pregnant again?

These are the small things that have been occupying my small mind this week!

Is Katie Holmes pregnant again? - It's fashion, dahling!The gossip about Katie Holmes being pregnant for the second time. I feel sorry for the poor girl - not only has she had to endure sex with Tom Cruise once more, but the tabloids keep going on about her piling on the weight when to me she looks like a pile of bones. Thank god I'm not a celebrity. I've also been reading about how her first pregnancy was fake - genius!

I'm getting my hair cut next week. I had really, really short hair this time last year so have been growing it slightly. However, slightly worried I am looking a bit dishevelled so think it's time to have a proper hair-style before I start looking like Kylie-doing-a-Helen-Daniels-from-Neighbours look! I'm really loving Natalie Imbruglia's hair at the moment - will it turn me into an Aussie sex kitten I wonder?!

It's games night on Saturday night! My friend K and her boyfriend M are coming over to mine and the hubby's for a games marathon! We've got everything from Guess Who to SingStar, but who will take home the coveted trophy I wonder. Can anyone else recommend any other great board games to play?

I've been feeling poorly all week and had to miss out on some fun nights including last nights' NME awards, so it was with great pleasure I saw these photos of Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne very drunk. They not only look like I feel at the moment, but it also goes to show that no-one can look gorgeous all of the time.

See you next week!

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