Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is Kate Hudson pregnant?

Here's the news on my radar this week...

Kate Hudson pregnant - it's fashion, dahling1. Kate Hudson has started wearing baggier clothes while off duty. Nothing strange there you might think, it's certainly what I do on a weekend. For poor Kate though, it's sent the rumour mills into overdrive - is she pregnant? Or perhaps she likes to feel comfortable when not squeezing into red carpet frocks?!

2. Speaking of pregnant celebrities,
Nicole Kidman was spotted drinking wine at the Oscars. Shock, horror indeed. I had one friend, who has had 3 healthy babies, who had a glass of wine a night.

3. Last night I felt a tremor in my bedroom but it was nothing to do with my lovely husband - ha ha! I was one of the few peeps to feel the recent UK earthquake. I was actually alerted to it by my poor dog whimpering - if that hadn't happened, I would probaby have slept through it all!

4. Get the Oscars look by plumping up your lashes. Full eyelashes was a popular beauty look with A-listers such as Heidi Klum and Anne Hathaway. For once an easy to copy red carpet look - hurrah! My favourite mascara is Urban Decay's Big Fatty mascara, which plumps up my blonde weedy eyelashes to Twiggy proportions!

5. And finally... summer is well and truly on the way. Well it must be if TopShop have got their first delivery of Havaiana flip flops in. I live in these during the summer. Bring on the sunshine!

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