Friday, February 22, 2008

Long-haired celebrity children and Essex night outs

These are the guilty pleasures I'll be indulging in this week:

Celebrity babies - Kate and Ryder Hudson - It's fashion, dahling!1. Ogling cute celebrity babies! My favourite just has to be Ryder Hudson - if I ever have a little boy, he's having long hair! Other faves include Seal and Hedi's kids, Gwen Stefani's Kingston (just voted most stylish baby on the planet) and the gorgeously blonde Shiloh Pitt-Jolie. She's going to be GORGEOUS when she's older.

2. Dancing away my cares to Mark Ronson. I'm off to see the hip producer tonight. Am excitedly trying to work out who will appear on stage with him! Last time he played in London, Tim Burgess did a guest spot. Would love that to happen tonight. I would however wee myself if Robbie turned up but since he's become Brian Blessed's look-a-likie, I doubt this will happen.

3. Binge drinking in Essex! I hate the rise of binge drinking and normally I'm a wine with my meal kind of lady but this week has been the LONGEST week ever so I'm going to let my hair down on Saturday night in my best pal Pip's hometown. Watch out Leigh-on-Sea!

4. Working out what to buy this spring. My ban will be over in April (not that far away now) so I'm busy putting together a wish-list for spring. So far, these gorgeous Kurt Geiger sandals and this poppy skirt from TopShop are topping the list.

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