Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Elle Style Awards and the naughty Hilton family!

Here's a quick guide to what's on my news radar this week!

James McAvoy - Best Actor - Elle Style Awards1. It was the Elle Style Awards last night. This is always guaranteed to be an A-list event and this year didn't disappoint. Kylie looked amazing (maybe she's read my blog and got rid of Will Baker?!); Keira Knightley looked miserable once more; my style crush Kate Hudson looked a-m-aaazing and Lily Allen looked a bit like Hilda Ogden. I don't even know who won what - apart from the petite but gorgeous James McAvoy - but who cares when there are so many nice frocks on show?!

2. It's another day and another Hilton has been arrested for drink driving - this time the ridiculously named Barron. Are these children just so mega spoilt they don't understand reality? Or are they just really stupid? It just shows you that money can't buy you everything.

3. Valentine's Day is tomorrow - have you sent your card? Victoria Beckham was spotted buying one for David in NYC. I really don't like Posh but I think it's great that they are still together - it's the on positive message she gives young fans. Oh and if you scroll down the above link, you'll see the cutest pic of Cruz!

4. Vivienne Westwood is urging fellow Brit designers to show in the UK. Here, here to that. It's not very cool to be patriotic at the moment but unless we give the younger generation something to believe in - even if it is only fashion and music - this country will never be great again.

5. The Hollywood writers are ending their strike so it's all go for the Oscars. Hurrah! These red carpet events bring some glamour into what is usually a depressing month. It also gives me a chance to gen up on my film knowledge, which is badly needed at the moment. Can't believe I've only been out of that industry for 6 months and I've forgotten stuff. My team only came 7th last night in a local film quiz - shocking!

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