Thursday, February 21, 2008

Must-buy item: The Pippa jean

Pippa Jeans - TopShop - It's fashion, dahling!I love these TopShop jeans way much. It's not only because they are named after my best friend, but they also feel fabulous on. Yes, they may not look much in the photo, but the denim is soft, stretchy and very forgiving. In fact, I've had to go down a size in these - wooo!

They also come just to the ankle, which is very spring/summer. I'm going to team them with a cute gingham top and French Sole ballet slippers for that 50s startlet off-duty look!

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Cowgirl Betty said...

I remember wearing something like these in high school. They had zippers at the ankles, though, and the waistline was two inches below my breasts--very Erkle.

Don't tell me I have to throw out all my bootcut jeans now . . .ugh.