Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year, New Wardobe?

Christmas and new year salesAt this time of year, my thoughts usually turn to my ever-expanding waistline and my new post-Christmas wardrobe. I say usually as even though I’m hitting the gym big time to shed those Quality Street induced pounds, I’m not buying anything new. What’s more, I’m not buying anything new until April!

I mentioned this a while back in an
earlier posting, but when I told my family and friends they all sniggered. No-one thinks I can do this but I’m out to prove I can. It may be my only New Year’s resolution but it will help improve lots of things in my life:

1. It will save me lots of time! Instead of shopping, I can go to the gym and get rid of that expanding waistline.

2. It will help save the planet. Ridiculous as it may sound, if everyone stopped shopping, the world would be a better place. We’d have less landfill (the result of impulse buying that £8 dress from Primark, wearing it once and chucking it out) and would cut down the carbon footprint (produced by the factories that make the clothes and the airplanes that transport them from China or wherever to England).

This latter point is the real reason behind my resolution. Well, that and the fact I already have a wardrobe bulging with clothes. So once, the shopping ban is over, I’m going to try my hardest to buy only ethical and environmentally-friendly clothes. I though this would be a struggle but I don’t think it will be.

Aside from vintage clothing, Urban Outfitters has a great section called Urban Renewal, which basically features clothes made from old clothes. Plus, I’ve unearthed a plethora of fabulous earth-friendly fashion sites such as Ciel, Adili, People Tree, Equa and the Ethical Superstore, which stocks all manner of fabulous products.

Ooo, it’s all so beautiful and sustainable and I can’t wait to go shopping! If only, I didn’t have another 4 months to wait – sigh.

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