Thursday, January 10, 2008

Amy Winehouse’s crazy new look

Amy Winehouse blondeThere’s one thing you should never do when you’re going through emotional turmoil – get a new haircut. Poor Amy Winehouse didn’t heed that advice and now no longer resembles some kooky Sixties throwback. Instead, she bears more than a passing resemblance to the Hilda Ogden. What’s more, it’s succeeded in making her look even crazier than she was before.

My attention however was shortly taken away from the car crash of a hairstyle as I noticed Amy’s cool t-shirt. Not only does it feature Johnny Depp, but Johnny Depp from Cry Baby – one of my all time favourite movies. Immediately, I started searching the Internet and proceeded to find the exact t-shirt on I started filling in my details and suddenly that little annoying angel appeared on my shoulder and screamed defiantly in my ear WHAT ABOUT YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION?!
(see blog to find out what it is!)

Reluctantly, I managed to pull myself away from the site before entering my credit card details but it was darn difficult. It’s such a cool t-shirt and I’d get to have Johnny on my chest all day – a fantasy most normal girls wouldn’t shy away from.

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