Friday, January 11, 2008

An unfashionable dog?

Paris HiltonToday is my last day in the office for a few days - hurrah! As well as going away to a swanky hotel for some quality time with the husband, I’m taking time off to welcome our new addition to the family. No, I’ve not jumped on the celebrity baby-wagon, but instead we’re getting a dog.

Of course, if I was truly fashionable I’d be getting a lap-dog – the kind that can be carried around, dressed up and not treated anything like the animal it is.
Instead I am, as ever, bucking the fashionable trend and saving a dog who needs a good home and who fits best into our lifestyle. What’s the point in having a dog if they’re not happy? Although I’m sure the welfare of their lapdog is the last thing on the mind of people like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson.

So on Monday, I’ll be going down to Battersea to pick up our new family member, Cali. She’s a retired racing greyhound, who is bordering on the slightly ugly side, but I love her even more for that. She has a beautiful personality – gentle, fun and loyal – and I care far more for that than her looks. After all, a dog is for life, not just for fashion.

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