Thursday, January 31, 2008

News Round-Up: Designer juicy tubes

This is what's going on the fashion and celebrity world this week dahlings!

It's fashion, dahling - fashion news - Kylie wow video

1. Stop the press! Kylie is in a looks really quite good shocker! I've mentioned before how bad Kylie is looking these days, but she's made me eat my words with her latest video for Wow. She looks fabulous - but you're not off the hook just yet Miss Minogue! I'm keeping an eye on you!

2. Christopher Kane (he of the fabulous leather skating skirt) has joined forces with Lancome to create uber cool Lancome juicy tubes. They look gorgeous but I bet like all of these limited edition products, it will be hard to track them down when they're released in March.

3. Is lesbianism becoming the latest fashion in Hollywood? Well if reports are to be believed Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert have been seen making out in a lesbian bar in LA. And we all know that despite looking like she's gone made in a Barbie factory, whatever Paris wears or does soon becomes trendy among young slacker types!

4. The supermodel is back! Stephanie Seymour - one of the original supermodels and star of the amazing November Rain Guns N Roses video - is on the cover of this month's Pop magazine. I think it's time for those skinny identikit models to move over and make way for the supermodels once more!

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