Friday, December 21, 2007

The joy of Christmas – NOT!

For some reason this year, I’m just not in the festive spirit at all. Perhaps it’s because I’m the only person in the office who has to work between Xmas and New Year. Perhaps it’s because I’m beyond skint even though I’m earning MORE money than ever before. Perhaps it’s because it just doesn’t feel like Christmas yet.

This year, I’m being very grown up and my parents are coming to stay. In some respects, it’s great. I don’t have to suffer the long journey on busy motorways or the intense jungle temperature my parents’ flat always seems to be. However, I think that trip back home is what puts me into the Xmas mood with festive songs, dad’s home-made mince pies and the traditional going out and getting very merry on Christmas Eve with my oldest mate, H.

I tried to get into the festive mood last night with a flick through my December mags. The talk of turkey and tinsel was great but I did have to laugh at one feature about what to wear on Christmas Day. I realised then that fashionistas have very different priorities to us ordinary folk. One girl was going to wear an expensive designer ballgown.

For me, I have to think about the practicalities of cooking, lighting a fire, cleaning up – I just don’t think a ball-gown would cut muster in those situations.
I’ve finally decided to go against all the advice and wear a very festive shade of red (even if it will make me look like a Christmas decoration) with my favourite – and quite old – 60s style shift dress. It looks stylish but is loose enough to hide the turkey tum in the afternoon. Plus, if I do get goose fat or ash on it, I really won’t care as it cost me the total of £9.99 in H&M. Practical may not be sexy or very fashionable in the office, but in my world it rules

Anyway, to anyone reading this little blog – have a lovely Christmas! I’ll be back on 27th December with tales of my seriously unfashionable day.

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