Wednesday, January 23, 2008

News round up: Heath Ledger, seagulls and saving the planet

Here’s my little ole round-up of what’s happening on the internet

Heath Ledger dies1. Ok, it’s not fashion but it’s the big story of the day. Heath Ledger died yesterday at the very young age of 28.

It’s just like River Phoenix all over again – why do the talented ones pass away when you’ve got the awful Lindsay Lohans of this world getting away with it all? Sigh. Anyway, Page Six have definitely got the best updates. RIP Heath.

2. Want to save the planet and raise money for Cancer Research while still looking fashionable? Then you need to get your mitts on this lovely bag designed by Eley Kishimoto.

3. Why would anyone wear a belt like this?!

4. I detest birds but I LOVE this dress from Primarni

5. I just don’t know why Kate Moss is such a big style icon. The clothes she wears would look RIDICULOUS on a normal woman. However, I do rate this Kate’s style!

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