Monday, January 7, 2008

Spice Up Your Life

I indulged my very unfashionable pleasure for camp pop music this weekend with a trip to the see the Spice Girls at the O2. Back in the day, I LOVED these girls. They came onto the scene just as I moved up to London so they remind me of when I shared a very tiny flat (and bedroom) with my best mate Posie.

When I first ventured into journalism, the Spices had split but I got to interview three of them as solo stars. Back then Victoria Beckham was big but brand Beckham hadn’t quite made it to the A-list. It makes me laugh to remember that day. When I first walked in, she balked ever so slightly. I think she had been interviewed by excitable men all day and she seemed to shrink at the sight of a fellow lady. Perhaps her insecurities showing through? Once she knew I was a believer in girl power, she came round and was really pleasant, funny and pretty. Despite this, I am still AMAZED at how loved she is. Whenever she sang any line last night, the crowd went crazy for her – even though singing really isn’t her best talent!

I really enjoyed the show though. It was a fun-filled romp, accessorised by plenty of sequins courtesy of Roberto Cavalli. And while we’re on that note… Am I the only person who cannot stand Cavalli? He makes clothes fit only for Euro Trash in my mind, however, his outfits kind of worked for the stage. All apart from Mel C. Poor Mel C – she really did draw the short straw dressed in her ‘sporty’ gear of trousers and spangly vest tops. I think Mr Cavalli must have run out of inspiration by the time it came round to her?

My pal and I left the gig on the high. This was due in part to spending a Sunday night worshipping at the altar of high campness, but also due to the allure of girl power. As naff as it might seem, I think we should bring back girl power. Too many of us ladies really don’t like each other. This world is hard enough without having the love of a sister, so just remember when you feel like bitching about a fellow broad, bite the tongue and give them a compliment instead. Zig-ah-zig-aaaaah!

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