Monday, January 21, 2008

Kylie needs to sack Will Baker

There are three things that clearly define me:

1) I’m very clumsy
2) Family and friends are very important to me

3) I’m am more than slightly obsessed with Kylie

Kylie at the G'Day LA: Australia Week galaSo it is with sadness in my heart that I pen this latest blog entry. Why? For the first time in my life, I’m not actually being nice about the diminutive princess of pop. The problem with Kylie is the difference between her off-stage and on-stage persona. Off duty, she rarely puts a fashion foot wrong.

A prime example of this is the gorgeous Grecian-style gown she wore to the G'Day LA: Australia Week gala this week. She looks like a proper pop star. She’s glamour personified but more importantly she looks her age.

Compare and contrast this if you will to these get-ups worn on The X Factor final and her dreadful TV show (oh god, now I can’t stop being nasty about her!). I won't beat around the bush - she looks like mutton dressed as lamb.

Kylie on The X FactorI know these are stage looks but her previous stage incarnations have been much more flattering – the showgirl outfit, the leopard skin Dolce and Gabbana catsuit for example.

For someone as photographed as La Minogue, it must be tough turning 40 as Kylie is this year. But is there any need to try quite so hard? What is the multi-pig tail and red eyebrow look about? Why did Will Baker think that lwas a good look? It’s all a bit embarrassing and smacks of desperation.

Will needs to move on and let Kylie dress herself – something she seems really good at doing. By all means, he’s probably a great gay husband, but he’s slightly lost the plot when it comes to styling the nation’s sweetheart.

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