Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Behind the scenes: Fringe benefits and diet competitions

Rachel Bilson gets a fringe - It's fashion, dahling!Just like every other celeb seems to be succumbing to the fringe - the latest of these being Rachel Bilson, so do all the fashion department. Every day, another girl comes in with a fringe. You may wonder why this annoys me so much... Well, I have a fringe and have had one for quite a while. You might say it's my look but now I look just like I'm on the fringe bandwagon - sigh.

On another gossipy note, I had an interesting conversation about the girls who work on one of our rival mags. Apparently all the fashion girls there are into competitive dieting. What the heck?! Why are women so silly?! For years, we've been trying to prove we're the better sex by working hard and proving we're as competent and as clever as our male counterparts. Surely competitive dieting just brings us back to square one and proves to men that we really are brainless bimbos.

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