Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fancy owning a celebrity dress?

Here's this week's fashion and celebrity round-up

27 Dresses - Celebrity dress auction on ebay - It's fashion, dahling!1. I attended an interesting event yesterday, which is a tie-in with the movie 27 Dresses. The movie by the way is hilarious - even if you don't like chick flicks, I recommend you go - and actually yesterday's event was also hilarious, although I don't think that was the intention.

27 very generous celebrities have given their dresses to 20th Century Fox to be auctioned in aid of The Lavender Trust. Yesterday at the press event, they held a catwalk show of the dresses, hosted by Mica Paris and attended by glamour model Danielle Lloyd (who looked reassuringly normal-sized for a celeb). I've heard many a rumour about what a diva Mica is in real life and even though I didn't see a hint of that yesterday, she was pretty rubbish as the host - she basically read (and very badly) the information off the cards.

However, the dresses more than made up for her poor reading ability, although I was peturbed to realise I probably wouldn't get even my thigh in some of them.
Bidding has already started with Kylie's dress and carries on until the release of the movie on 27 March.

2. Don't follow
Madonna's extreme exercise regime unless you want to look like a monster from the deep...

Kate Hudson is definitely not pregnant - if she is, it's going to be the size of a bean.

4. Why do pretty celebrities insist on having grotesque pouts? The latest to succumb to the
trout pout is the once gorgeous model Saffron Burrows.

5. Just because you've got a lot of money doesn't mean you'll look individual on the red carpet as these
three A-listers recently discovered!

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