Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is anyone bothered about Kate Moss?

Kate Moss new TopShop range - It's fashion, dahling!Floating around on my radar this week are the following news/gossip titbits:

1. Does anyone care about the new Kate Moss TopShop collection? According to the Daily Mail, it's a big fat no as hardly anyone showed up yesterday at the TopShop launch. To be fair, any following season isn't going to really be as big as the debut, especially as Mossy herself turned up for all of about 3 seconds in the window that time. Also, maybe the civilians are cottoning on to the fact that Kate just copies her favourite designer togs rather than creating something new and exciting.

2. All the papers are full of the details of the Mills-McCartney divorce today but hardly anyone has noticed how bad Heather's personal style is. It just goes to show you that not only does money not buy you love but it also doesn't buy you taste.

3. It's celebrity makeover day as Jessica Biel goes back to her natural brunette locks (thank goodness) and Gwyneth Paltrow has gone for the chop. As you'd expect from play-it-safe Gwyneth, it's hardly radical but it looks a lot better than the Donatella Versace style she had before!

4. Poor ole Sarah Jessica Parker. She was recently voted the unsexiest woman alive by some magazine. It must be difficult to deal with such nastiness, but let's not forget that Maxim is a magazine whose ideal of beauty involves pneumatic breasts and orange skin.

5. Banana Republic are coming to the UK. Their new shop launches tomorrow (20th March). I must be the only person who isn't excited about this. I found their shops in New York so uninspiring - for me it's just clothes for city workers, but perhaps this new shop will prove me wrong.

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