Monday, March 10, 2008

Celebrity Style - Michelle Williams does Vogue

I've always had a soft spot for Michelle Williams, even in her Dawson's Creek days. In fact, I've had my hair cut like her several times (both DC and post-DC days) in an attempt to emulate her coolness. She's one of those rare stars who is indvidual, beautiful and real.

This month, she appears in the UK edition of Vogue and she looks absolutely stunning. I love this romantic look. As a fellow short hair wearer, she also always manages to make her hair look so different - I've got to get me some spangly hair accessories I think!

Obviously, she's been through a tragic time at the moment but she seems really level-headed (well, for a Hollywood star), so I'm sure she'll get through it and shine even more.

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Chelsea said...

I love Michelle Williams. I actually got my hair cut a few days ago based on her look in Vogue. I love it <3.