Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Celebrity Style - Victoria Beckham needs to relax!

Victoria Beckham and Kate Beckinsale do lunch in LA - It's fashion, dahling!What's wrong with this picture of new bezza friends Victoria Beckham and Kate Beckinsale?

Judging by Posh's super skin-tight get-up, you'd think the pair were off to some swanky LA do. However, it transpires they were heading off for a picnic instead. How did Posh sit down in that dress?

Kate Beckinsale has got the laid-back LA look down to a tee. She's cool and smart but without looking like a lady who lunches. Victoria however, always looks like she's dressed up to the nines. She couldn't even attend a baseball match last year without her trusty heels.

I'd love to see Posh in a really casual ensemble such as Kathrine Heigl wears so well. C'mon Posh - try to be Not So Posh for just one day.

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