Thursday, March 20, 2008

Must-buy item: Gingham is go!

TopShop gingham jacket - It's fashion, dahling!Even though it's freezing cold outside, there's something about Easter that makes me think of Spring. I know it's come early this year but I still want to ditch the winter wardrobe and break open some new floaty, colourful clothes.

Of course you still have to be practical - it's no good swanning around in a gorgeous tea dress if it's zero degrees outside.

So that's where this gorgeous gingham jacket comes in. It's only £50 from good ole TopShop and is one of those pieces fashion magazines calls transitional - i.e. you can wear it now and in spring/summer.

How cute will this look with a pair of faded cropped jeans? Or slung over a cute floaty ruffle dress? I'm very much in love... roll on April so I can start buying!!

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