Monday, March 31, 2008

Celebrity Style - Model Raquel Zimmerman is my new fashion crush!

Raquel Zimmerman on a Karl Lagerfeld shoot - It's fashion, dahling!OK, I usually steal well away from models in this bit of my blog as I don't think they're always that stylish. Some like Agyness Deyn obviously are - others just look like they've got out of bed. However, after seeing Raquel Zimmerman appearing in a photoshoot for Karl Lagerfeld, I've just had to include her.

I don't know whether it's her cool hair or her fun attitude but she just looks cooler-than-cool.

I googled her (see I know nothing about fashion so this is the first time I've heard of her) and she really is an example of how a haircut can change a model. With long hair, she was a bit... well... nothing.

So here's to shorter hair (obviously the fact I have a short bob with a fringe doesn't cloud my judgement here at all) and models who look like they're having fun!

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