Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Behind the scenes: Editors live the high life!

The Arctic Monkeys at the NME Awards - It's fashion, dahling!I don't have a lot of exciting behind the scenes goss to report this week. However, I have realised that being the editor of a magazine is a VERY good thing. In the last few weeks, my editor has been invited to number 11 to meet Alastair Darling, been on one of the best tables at the BRITS and more recently got to go to the NME awards.

If you go to any editor's office, you'll see plenty of pics of them with their arms around celebrities (one of the best I've seen is an editor with Eamon Holmes - it's pure cheese!). It makes me wonder how much work they really do. That's not fair I suppose as they do work, but it's just seems a lot more fun than us average joes. They boss everyone around, get free clothes and get glitzy invites.

Saying that, I am off to Sketch this afternoon for a launch but I'm beginning to think if I've been invited there, it can't be that cool a place anymore - ha ha!

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