Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Not only do fashion types seem overly concerned with their appearance, but I’ve learnt they also seem to be very ungrateful, especially when it comes to free presents.

‘Uck! Will you look at this REEE-VOLTING bag’ proclaimed one of the fashion crew today. Expecting to see something made of bright yellow shiny plastic, I was pleasantly surprised to see a lovely silver clutch bag. And what’s more it was leather.
Apparently it was too disgusting for words and to make matters worse, no-one had heard of the designer – shock, horror.

I silently tutted in my corner. I was used to the odd freebie in my old job but it was freebie peanuts compared to these guys. Perhaps that’s why most of the pressies don’t cut the muster – they’re spoilt.

It did get me thinking though – what do you do if you receive an awful present this Christmas?

The obvious solution is to bung it on
eBay and use the money to buy something you want. Alternatively, why not embody the Christmas spirit and give your item away? Freecycle is a great website that features peoples’ requests and cast-off. And if neither of those take your fancy, why not just wrap it up and give it away to someone next Christmas!

For more tips on dealing with unwanted presents, read the
etiquette of unwanted presents on the BBC website.

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