Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Making up is hard to do

Today I’m taking my pet peeves outside of the office to vent about the thing I hate more than ANYTHING (apart from war, racism and homophobia) - people applying their make-up in public.

This morning, I was sat on the train to work contemplating how much I hate the commute when things got worse. Not only did the vacant seat next to become occupied, but it became occupied by a ‘woman who does her make-up in public!’ They’re the worse kind of commuter. They have no spatial awareness – I don’t want flecks of your nasty cheap orange bronzer on my expensive cream Marc Jacobs bag purlease – or regard for privacy.

I believe putting make-up on is a private thing. It’s almost like wearing a mask and that transformation should happen in private. Perhaps I hate the people who do this so much because I’d never have the balls, but really it's because these people are just so inconsiderate. Today I got elbowed in the head when this irritating person tired to apply their kohl eyeliner, sprayed with some cheap and nasty hairspray and perfume and covered in someone else’s hairs – euck. Leave your make-up at home ladies. Stop being so lazy and get up 10 minutes earlier.

So I’m starting a campaign and I urge everyone to join in. When someone sits next to you and starts applying their eyeliner, nudge their elbow! When someone sprays their perfume, choke and cough VERY loudly.

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