Friday, December 7, 2007

I love a party with a happy atmosphere

Five things I learnt last night at the office Christmas party…

1. People who say they hate karaoke will always be the one hogging the mic by the end of the night
2. Fashionistas LOVE poring over party photos of themselves the next day commenting on how cute/fat/beautiful they are
3. Not everyone in the office is a shallow fashion type – some are actually very nice and love Kylie as much as I do
4. If you can sing (and in particular if you sing Don’t Stop Me Now) you will stop the party in its track. Open mouths on fashionistas is the best look ever – sweet revenge!
5. Cabbies have always had someone famous in their cab. Last night, it was Howard from Take That

Oh and not sure why I worried so much about the Secret Santa gift. I got a Wonder Woman mug...

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