Thursday, December 13, 2007

Death by foundation and office bullies!

drag queen beauty editorToday I received some great news. No, I haven’t been given the much-lusted after 40% discount from TopShop or received a Chanel handbag as a gift from some grateful PR. No, my joyous news is that on Monday I’m moving desks.

OK, so it’s no designer freebie but it will change my working life. Why? At the moment, I sit in what can only be called the beauty aisle. Daily, I have to pick my way through lip glosses, expensive moisturisers and designer perfumes to get to my seat in true Krypton Factor assault course style. Each time I get to my seat, I expect to receive a blummin’ medal!

So I’ve persuaded my boss that unless she moves me, I may drown under an array of hair products or slip on a foundation bottle. Death by foundation didn’t go down too well with her so I’m being shipped out to sit on a normal aisle opposite one of the few boys in the office – hurrah!

I also manage to escape the clutches of the beauty editor who truly believes she is the dog’s wotsits. I’m sure part of this is because she’s 28 and at that age you think you know everything. It’s not until you get to your 30s that you realised you knew jack sh*t!! Anyway, I really won’t miss her missives on the most important things ever – boys it seems – and the way she somehow makes me feel like I’m the uncool, chubby girl at school. Why are some women so good at doing that?

Good riddance to the beauty aisle – Monday is a brand new start. Now what can I pilfer before I leave?!

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