Monday, December 17, 2007

ASBO fashion

I’ve just had the most fabulous weekend doing absolutely nothing. What’s more, I did nothing in absolutely no style at all! Yesterday, I spent the day chilling out and tidying my house in the skankiest trackie bottoms ever (from Primark of course), t-shirt, grey hoodie (velvour – could it get any worse?) and my cosy Ugg boots.

I didn’t care what I looked like. In fact, the hubbie told me I looked gorgeous. Awww! He says he likes my natural look, but perhaps he tells me that so I stop wearing make-up and become repugnant to all men?

This morning when my fashionable colleagues were discussing their weekends, I hid the fact that mine was spent in fashion purgatory. However, this afternoon I heard the very chic fashion news writer saying she couldn’t wait for Christmas as she would be going back home to slob out and wear her favourite trackie bottoms and hooded top. So perhaps I’m so fashion forward, I’m backward... or something like that.

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