Wednesday, April 2, 2008

News Round-Up: Madonna eats chocolate SHOCKER!

Madonna as seen in UK Elle magazine - It's fashion, dahling!The stories grabbing my attention this week are...

Madonna is featured in this month's edition of ELLE where she declares her love for British chocolate, in particular Cadbury's Creme Eggs!

Katie Holmes gets a new haircut - is she trying to ditch the Posh look?

Someone else steals my idea of not buying any clothes for a set period. She's rubbish as she only lasts a month... I've lasted 3 and a half!

Another day and another shot of Mena Suvari's arse. It's very perky but please put it away love.

I'm so glad I went home and ate chocolate instead of going to this launch as I was meant to. Don't know who was the biggest celeb - Nancy Lam, cleaner Aggie or BB loser (and now bezza mate of Amy Winehouse's) Aisleyne.

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