Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Leona Lewis doesn't want to hurt little animals!

I was lucky to catch a sneak preview of the D&G Autumn/Winter line. The clothes are to die for. Gorgeous dresses with unsual fabrics (gauzy tops with cord bottoms), tartans and fabulous shoes.

While I was there, I overhead the stylist who looks after Leona Lewis aying just how well D&G clothes fit Leona. She has, apparently, a body to die for. It's so not fair, eh? She's beautiful, can sing and has a killer bod - sigh!

The stylist also informed the press person that Leona wouldn't wear D&G's leather jackets or shoes as she doesn't wear leather - she really believes in animal rights. So not only is she talented, beautiful and has a killer bod, but she's also caring and just darn nice.

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