Monday, April 7, 2008

Celebrity Style - The original super, Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista in Louis Vuitton - It's Fashion, Dahling!I don't care what rubber-faced Janice Dickinson says, for me the original super-model is the truly gorgeous Linda Evangelista.

She's inspired many a haircut of mine, plus I've learnt how to pose for a good photo by putting my hand on one hip and pushing the other one out.

So it's good to see at 42, she still looks amazing. OK, she may have had some Botox but she's still got great personal style (as seen here in Louis Vuitton at the gala opening of the "Murakami" exhibition in New York).

She dresses elegantly but not too old and she really understands detail - fabulous necklace, great shoes, bright orange nail varnish. I just hope I can be as stylish as she is when I hit my '40s.

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Lisa said...

Linda's name is synonymous with pure fashion. Original and still amazing.