Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Revenge of the Z-listers

Last night I went to a party for which I had high hopes. It was to launch a new website called I Hate My Look. Even though the title is dubious, the concept is great.

Basically two very experienced celebrity stylists - Nick Ede (of Project Catwalk fame) and Brendan Courtney (of Clothes Show fame) - have got together to offer an exclusive personal shopping experience for us civilians.

At just under £1,500 it's not cheap but not only do you get their expertise and discounts, but you also get to take in a show and have a few cocktails with the guys.

Camilla Dallerup - Strictly Come Dancing - It's fashion, dahlingIt all sounded very glam and what with the launch taking place in Kate Moss' fave hotspot, Punk, I was extremely excited about the forthcoming launch. It was with great sadness that upon arrival I realised that not even Vanessa Feltz (who has used Nick and Brendan's services before - ahem!) was there - and that woman has followed me to nearly every showbiz even I've ever been at.

No, the only 'celeb' I spied was Camilla Dallerup - Gethin's dance partner on Strictly Come Dancing. Oh well, the booze was free, the venue was lovely and the goody bag was OK.

Now I just need to find someone to pay the £1500 fee to allow me to have a miraculous makeover!

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