Friday, April 11, 2008

If you do one thing this weekend...

TopShop free style advisor service - It's fashion, dahling!... give yourself a style makeover courtesy of TopShop's Style Advisor service. Book an appointment and you get a personal stylist running round the store for you, while you relax in a lovely dressing room that doesn't smell of feet! This fabulous free service, which I sampled for myself last night with the help of the lovely Naomi, has just got even better! They've just launched a Style Advisor loyalty card so the more time you use it, the more freebies you get. It's a winner all round.

... scare yourself silly at the
London Dungeon and their new exhibition about Jack the Ripper - eek!

... pretend it's summer already and purchase a
pair of sky-high heels from Asos.

... tune into
Pushing Daisies on Saturday night at 9pm on ITV1. It's about time Saturday night viewing got good enough.


Anonymous said...

I didn't find the Topshop stylist that good in fairness. She was a bit dreamy and undecisive about what actually suited me which was a bit of a downer. Guess you get what you pay for though. I think TopShop should eductate their stylists to a higher degree, mine was fresh out of Uni and didn't really have a clue. I did stumble accross a pretty cool idea however that is well worth a go, it's called iStylista and it's an online personal stylist service that you can do in your own home and has a free trial. I stretched myself to the £15 premium style guide and apart from a couple of clashing statements, it was surprisingly accurate! Love the blog x

Ugly Hetty said...

Great tip anonymous! I'm going to check it out for myself.