Monday, May 12, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker jets in for the SATC premiere

Sarah Jessica Parker - Sex And The City premiere - It's fashion, dahling!Like nearly every thirty-something, Sex And The City was a ground-breaking TV show for me. Not only did it feature lots of lovely frocks, but it also talked about sex - something that had been missing from mainstream TV. For me and my single friends it was a reassuring - and entertaining - show to watch. I may not have owned a pair of Manolo's or a Fendi handbag, but I could still identify with the man situations the glam foursome found themselves in.

When the show ended, myself and six girlfriends went out to watch it at a special night - we supped Comos and sobbed with joy as Carrie got it together with Big.

So you can imagine my delight to see they would make it into a film - I just hope it doesn't disappoint. The great news for us UK fans is the world premiere of Sex And The City is not taking place in New York but little old Leicester Square, London.

Sarah Jessica Parker was out in the capital last night dining with fellow star Cynthia Nixon. As usual SJP looked amazing. In my eyes, this woman can do no wrong. Yes, she may not be conventionally pretty but I think that adds to her charms. She also seems to make the most ordinary outfits - in this case, a below the knee petrol blue dress - look so stylish. Even after SATC has finally gone to the fashion graveyard in the sky, this lady will still be looking hot! Check out more pics of SJP on PopSugar.

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