Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Top beauty products reviews

This morning as I nearly broke my neck on rogue beauty products in my spare bedroom, I realised that I've got far too many products for one girl. I'm not complaining though as I love this perk of the job. Yes, I have to deal with very shallow, image-obsessed people, but I also get good freebies.

So as part of this blog, I thought I should impart some of my beauty pearls of wisdom so you too know about these fabulous products!

HQ Hair ocean mist spray - It's fashion, dahling!First up is this little lovely from the unpronounceable Swedish firm Sachajuan, which is available at HQ Hair. The blurb about the Ocean Mist giving your hair a beach feel is really true, except you don't have to get sand up your bum, which can only be a bonus. The day I used it on my hair I had so many compliments. I usually wear my slightly wavy hair straightened but this brings out my natural curl making me look like I've spent the morning surfing on Bondi beach, when in reality I've been crammed into an overground train trying not to inhale someone's stale sweat. Bonus!

My second revelation is Max Factor. Maybe I've just been a bit slow to cotton onto this brand, but I've never bought it before, however, since I got sent lots of freebies, I'm a convert. First up is the miracle touch foundation - it goes on so smooth and gives great coverage without making you look like you work on a make-up counter! Next is Max Factor's Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara. It has fairly good staying power, but the clincher for me is the fact it defines my spindly lashes so well.

So that's my faves at the moment - why not let me know if you've tried any new beauty products? Or perhaps there's one thing you can't live without? Post a comment now!

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