Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Va, va, va voom!

Let me make it clear that I’m no fashion philistine. I adore clothes and love nothing more than flicking through Vogue and ogling gorgeous shoots. Fashion can be art (just go and visit the couture exhibition at the V&A if you don’t believe me!) but it can also be ridiculously silly.

Today one of the workies turned up in an outfit that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Dynasty. A bright cerise shirt with shoulder pads and a nice satin sheen to it to be precise. Apparently, volume and in particular shoulder pads are ‘in’ this season.

Being a gay man trapped inside a female woman, I appreciate and adore Joan Collins, particularly in her Alexis Carrington phase, but I’m just not sure I could do shoulder pads. Perhaps it’s because I did them first time round? OK, I was only about 13 and teamed my heavily-enhanced-at-the-shoulder-bolero-jacket with a spotty dress and ankle socks over tights (I was nothing if not classy), but it still managed to make me look like I played American football.

It also seems to me that fashion types are just darn lazy. Every other week a craze that was previously deemed un-wearable is now the must-have. Take those smiley happy t-shirts all the nu-ravers wore this summer or cowboy boots, which have suddenly made a comeback from fashion oblivion after being spotted on the likes of la Moss and actress Rachel Bilson.

I’ve been informed TopShop will be selling clothes that contain the shoulder pad and perhaps their version will be a bit more sedate than the workies’ second hand find, but I’d err everyone to think twice before donning their Dynasty garb. What looks good on Joan rarely looks good on us mere civilians.


sylvie d said...

Topshop is my fav...they can't possibly add pads! can they?

Ugly Hetty said...

Unfortunately yes! I love TopShop as well and I also liked this top until I saw the dreaded pads. I tried to find it on their site but thankfully it's not there - perhaps they've come to their senses?!