Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm the real Ugly Betty!

A little introduction to me and this blog…

For seven years I’ve been an entertainment journalist, working in the fields of TV, celebrity and mostly movie journalism. It’s been a great seven years. I’ve interviewed major celebrities – 50 Cent and Leonardo DiCaprio were the most memorable; been asked out by a member of a boy band and made a total idiot out of myself at a major premiere (more of that later perhaps?).

Earlier this year, while I was up at 4.30am working on the Oscars, I had that succinct feeling that I’d done it all before. It may be different movies, TV shows or celebrities making the headlines, but it’s the same thing each year, just packaged slightly differently. So that’s when I made the decision to move to fashion. At the time it seemed like a wise idea, but six months down the line I sometimes wonder if I’ve done the right thing.

Not only have I gone from something that was mostly male-dominated (movie geeks are THE geekiest), but I’m also dealing with a subject I know very little about. Of course I like to shop and I love clothes, but I now realise with abject horror that I’m surrounded with women whose sole existence is shopping and clothes. They’re also very shrieky, obsessed with boys and wear a different outfit every… single… day! Oh and I'm older by most of my colleagues by about 7 years - sigh!

While I was looking around the office the other day, the sudden realisation hit me - I am the real Ugly Betty. OK, I may not have a mouthful of metal, busy eyebrows or the inability to co-ordinate but I do feel like I’m working in a very foreign country. And so this blog was born. By recording the ridiculous, I hope to make myself feel that little bit more sane. Welcome to my slightly crazed world.

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