Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas is a time for… not eating

I’ve worked in the media for about eight years now so I’ve seen my share of size zero wannabes but I thought it was all a bit last year and everyone was into being healthy and fit. In fact, I was presently surprised to see that the fashion peeps on the mag were all nice normal sizes and – shock, horror – ate carbs! However, this illusion has now been shattered by the conversation I’ve just proceeded to have in the kitchen.

Mag girl: Wow, Christmas isn’t far away is it?
Me: I know! Have you done all your shopping yet?
Mag girl: Sod the shopping – I’ve only got 26 days to lose this chub (pinches invisible roll of fat). No more rubbish food for me.
Me: So what happens on Christmas Day? Do you start eating rubbish again?
Mag girl: Of course – it’s the fast before the feast

I didn't realise these fashion girls were so darn religious. Feast? Fasting? Next they’ll be sporting Jesus sandals and quoting from the bible.

Now I also realise why Mag girl always shoots me such evil looks when I walk past with my two slices of toast (what - carbs?) WITH peanut butter each morning. I’m such a sinner.

If you do want to lose weight to squeeze into that little black dress - incidentally Miss Selfridge has some gorgeous vintage LBDs - then do it like a normal person! These are my top tips…

1. Don’t gorge yourself on canapés at parties. Just because they’re tiny does not mean that you can stuff double the amount into your mouth.
2. Stick to the bubbles when drinking. Wine and beer have a load more calories - plus the cost of champers may mean you’ll drink less than normal and so consume fewer calories.
3. If all else fails, buy a pair of Spanx. If they’re good enough for the likes of Gwyneth, then they’re good enough for us mortals. And as I learnt on my wedding day, being so heavily constricted by such tough undergarments means you also eat a lot less grub. Double bonus!

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